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  1. jamincon

    Legion of Death unite!!

    Calling on all former LOD members from all different worlds and servers to re-unite in sinope, yeah dumb world name!! If you have not received an email notice or Skype invite I hope you find this thread and head to the new world southwest this time... something different. If your looking to...
  2. jamincon

    growing concern

    Fellow grepolis brothers/sisters. I have been playing this game now for 4 years I guess, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the strategy, friendships, adventure of it, just all of it. However, I am seeing a growing trend that seems to be very prevalent in the us. server and I hope it doesn't spill...
  3. jamincon

    When will new Hero world be coming????

    Knossos has started ww so looking to do a Hero world?
  4. jamincon

    full map

    Hello folks is there a full map of World Corinth? Does is show alliance locations and such?