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  1. XxCharlie199xX

    Another incredible Failure by Inno

    Can someone explain to me how an entire staff team and company fails to notice that they don't release a message regarding peacetime for Easter AT ALL? Why is it we go to send a CS for an OP and we can't "24 hours before peacetime". How is it possible to be this ignorant and care this little...
  2. XxCharlie199xX

    Better World

    For those interested, the US.Grepolis is opening a speed 4 unit speed 4 no morale world on Wednesday for those who don't want to play a speed 2 world with this moderator team again. See you there and good luck, C JFL
  3. XxCharlie199xX

    JFL Casuals

    I am addicted to the game and specifically the conquest system. It will be no surprise that I am joining this world. Seeing as though the settings are terrible, I will be doing an open premade rather than the usual dropping in with 5 and taking over the ocean within a few weeks. Requirements...
  4. XxCharlie199xX

    Petition Next world settings

    Troop speed: 4 World speed: 4 Conquest No morale Let the players play, stop hiding behind morale abuse. Or, just disable morale abuse for sieges. Not 1 valid reason to have morale for sieges if the entire purposes of morale is for small players. Its abused and ruins any world. I literally...
  5. XxCharlie199xX

    Tempus Coalition

    Just dropping a new post for discussion on encounters with this mass coalition who have teamed up against JFL. I am looking forward to it, we are here to fight, not hug ;)
  6. XxCharlie199xX

    Event Reward Bug

    On Byblos (EN102) I am in the alliance that took first place in 3 events, I left the alliance temporarily and rejoined, when I returned the buffs no longer applied to me. This is NOT how it had been, I had left and come back previously and still gotten the effects, however now I get none of...
  7. XxCharlie199xX

    Answered Event defensive buff

    Question, previously these team events where you won rewards such as the 20% defensive buff showed up under the sieges, but didn't notice it now. So we won 1st place and got 20% bonus defensive torch buff thing for all cities, in a conquest world when we land a CS, does the CS and siege have...
  8. XxCharlie199xX

    Answered Buying gold on the mobile

    Hey I have an ITunes gift card here and want to spend it on some gold, but when i go to purchase it says the price of the purchase but does not give me an option on whether I want to spend my Itunes credits from the gift card, which worries me it will not take the credits but rather charge the...