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  1. Baldarse

    Fishing Club

    I'm quite a keen angler and thought it was about time we had a fishing thread! Here we can post any funny fishy stories, captures and tips etc. I'll start things off with a pic of a fish I caught earlier in the season.
  2. Baldarse

    Rip the "RIP Top 12" thread

    It was sweet while it lasted... :D
  3. Baldarse

    A Pebble to be stripped of mod rights

    I am sure that i am not the only one here, who thinks that a pebble has over stepped the mark again with their mod duties... Just a quick look through the ideas section, will show a string of threads closed down without any discussion, which was what i thought this section was for. Take 5...
  4. Baldarse


    It has come to my recent attention that my old avatar has been responsible for a lot of my negative reputation points. I personally thought it was down to the content of my posts but apparently you just don't like this pic! I'm interested to know why you don't like this pic lol Btw...
  5. Baldarse

    Top 12 Top 12 Alliances Discussion Thread

    Right i've tried to keep this as vague as possible so that our dearest Pebbles doesn't get her knickers in a twist for going "off topic" :P So basically this thread is for you guys to discuss anything you want to do with the top 12 alliances.