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  1. mic sokoli

    Top 12 What about Justice?

    Hellou everyone Some of you maybe know me some not I've played in many worlds and I just came to have a look on this world and BOOM ... I see a kit of best players in some worlds all together in one alliance its name was ZERO FOX GIVEN Whats that, you guys dont like Competition or what? :(...
  2. mic sokoli

    Top 12 Vermin, do you even have dignity?

    I can't believe there's still an alliance ranked 3 in a world that boasts itself even for WW or who knows .. and takes a refuge just under attacks and protects it? Now, who does that? Well, Vermin does it. We attacked player sylwka90 and now we see Vermin on her fleg .. c'mon@ I...
  3. mic sokoli

    Tsunami aka ?

    Man I am ( will consider now ) about joining this world for some fun but hey.. Got in the TSUNAMI alliance and : Just amazing. Too many Legends of this game in one Ally OK I would include here Dawson who is else part of this world. ;) Have fun everyone
  4. mic sokoli

    Again ..

    To me it seems everytime it's happening kinda the same There's always a BIG MRA who invites every 175pts player who joins the world early then no place for all they make their academies 1 no surprise if 2 of them then everyone is after them and they fall after 2 max. 3 days after BP...
  5. mic sokoli

    Where is Helorus!

    Can anyone tell me what the hell happened with Robbyn, david, skiboot and others on this world? Just got back on the stats and on the Top 12 I see all new faces in players rank and alliance #Cantbelieveit :Pro: yeah
  6. mic sokoli

    Funny Nicaea

    What an update :P
  7. mic sokoli

    Behind the Scenes

    My story, not many believe me on this, some cuz they're afraid of AA, and others see in my points, lol. It's a bit long, but I will write it for you. Those who know AA or Me know very well what Im talking about. ( This was a PM I sent to a friend, then decided to show it to all those who asked...
  8. mic sokoli

    Helorus facts

    Robbyn44 & Co. are ruling this world. - I'm a fan of this guy! I won't say any other thing, here are the facts. -Mic
  9. mic sokoli

    Hi from Mic

    Hi everyone. I'm Mic, playing this game for about 2years and more now but never used forum before. Love to have new friends. -Mic P.S: Wish you the best Christmas ever!
  10. mic sokoli

    Paid but didn't get it?

    Hey everyone, I don't know if this is a bug or it's me wrong here, but it happened that I paid 25gold to re-take a reward where it was written " You will not receive the rewards for this decoration a second time" but when I clicked it took the gold but I didn't receive the offer, and now...
  11. mic sokoli

    Ranking Updates

    Rankings take too long to update :(
  12. mic sokoli

    BLACK A.R.M.A.D.A - Helorus

    Hi everyone. I'll present my pre-made alliance. Alright, every detail is clear. Alliance's name : BLACK A.R.M.A.D.A ( taken from the legendary alliance I've played in, #1 rank in ETA. ) Direction - South East Jobs open : PM me if you get in. Goal : All know Strategy - Alliance secret...
  13. mic sokoli

    Looking for Alliance in Gela

    Hi everyone. What am trying to say is Im trying to get involved in a well-organised serious team of GrepoArt. I'm playing this game for about 3years now and have played with many great players, but had the bad fate to be a part of MRAs too which I hate now, and was killed in both Sigma and...