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  1. geko4740

    geko4740's Graphic Art and Special Effects

    Ok I know i know these shops of mine come and go - but this time im going to try to stick with it. Christmas break is coming up and i have a free period in school to work on these projects. As far as my formatting goes, its rather simple. Theme: Size: Coa/Siggy: Deadline: Text line 1...
  2. geko4740

    Milestones It's mah bwerfdeh

    Worst birthday ever. Epsilon closed just 2 days before. :/
  3. geko4740

    this should never have shown up

    This world will be closed in 3 days. 'nuf said
  4. geko4740

    Trollin peoples rep

    has anyone ever noticed that no one can tell who gave you rep? i discovered the hard way that you can sign your rep as someone else lol someone did this to me annoyed me . but its a funny troll kinda thing. so if you ever wanna do it, i suggest you get on your trollin cap and cape of...
  5. geko4740

    Le derps

    Hey guys it's me again I'm trying to create an alliance here called, well, le derps. Lol.. We currently have 3 members including me... We based in o56 near the border to the west of 56... So if you have any questions, or want to join, let me know the requirements are to follow. 350+ points...
  6. geko4740

    Beginner geko4740 Art Shop

    Hey guys. First off I want to say i am sorry for my behavior in the past. I have matured since then and now look at re opening my shop. I have some artistic ability and i have done this sort of thing before. Since my last shop, i have studied making art and graphics and starting in the fall, i...
  7. geko4740

    Maps R Us

    bigyellowbanner only make ALLIANCE maps. i make any map you want. it can be a player, 3 players, 1 alliance, 100 alliances! I can and will answer your request with a map! NOTHING IS FREE. IT REQUIRES EITHER SOME + OR - REP. PREFERABLY + REP :D i just ask that you follow this format...
  8. geko4740

    mail disappearing

    i get mails every now and then that, when i open them, the message is blank, and in a red box appears the following words... "the message was not found". what does this mean? is it a problem with my account, or is it like a free gold thing found by mods and deleted?
  9. geko4740

    Not a Bug Realllllly slow - epsilon

    the new update that was placed in Epsilon to make it into a 2.0 world has suddenly made all of the overview of the map really slow and laggy... i dont like this. please help me fix it.
  10. geko4740

    Internal Suffering

    INTERNAL SUFFERING IS LOOKING FOR YOU. RUN OR JOIN. Hello! you should know me by now, and if you don't, well, its your loss. Internal Suffering is recruiting for Grepolis's 29th world, Ephesus. Internal Suffering shall become an alliance who is fierce. an alliance to dominate above all...
  11. geko4740

    nate, you will be missed

    natecp, if you dont get this in time, well, it was nice knowing you. i have had so much fun over the past year with you, and i hope God is with you wherever you go. when you join the air force, i wont be far behind you, so hopefully we will meet again in the near future. keep up with ur...
  12. geko4740


    the Devastators have come to wreak havoc on Delphi! if you are not on the list and you weren't turned down by me, shoot me a PM, it is likely you got lost in the stack. A bit about the Leadership: The leadership team: geko4740- a lot of fun and a good person in general... hobbies...
  13. geko4740

    Intermediate Siggy and avvy

    i would like a new signatur and a new avatar... i will give two options: 1) mw3 theme with neon green text(1): geko4740 then another text in the same color: clearing the streets, one bullet at a time 2)have my name real big in a cool font (color preferred green) across the siggy, and...
  14. geko4740

    Area 51 alliance remake

    hey guys, its me again. i did not create aera 51, but i was a big part of it. if you are in area 51, you may be aware of what is currently happening. if not, too bad. if you got the letter i sent you select players, i need you to reply. i am thinking about breaking away. we could be the brother...
  15. geko4740

    Intermediate avvy-omega

    the world is Omega, and the alliance name is OmegAlliance. can you have the olypus sybol that looks old and rustic in the center of a black background with shining lights all around it? text 1(at top left): geko4740 text 2(below olypus sybol*): OmegAlliance olypus symbol*- below it...
  16. geko4740


    sign up please! we are the elites. we have come to omega to rule, and we will. weather it takes two days, or two years, we will reach the top of the chain. we have positions open for any role in the alliance we will accept pacts when BP is up, and if it benefits us. anyone can join...
  17. geko4740

    seeking alliance

    hi, i just joined. anyone got an alliance i can join? thx. pm me if/when you get one :)
  18. geko4740

    the syndicate goes down

    ahh, sweet relief. they were digusting. i dont know how they lived with themselves. i was quitting anyway, so why not sabotage? so fun.... ahhh. good times, good times..... :D
  19. geko4740

    Digital Dominance

    My domain has just begun. we are the best of the best-the most elite. we will destroy all that stand in our path, so dont even worry about diplomatic reasoning- we will only except 10 pacts. recruitment will be limited to a simple basis. Recruitment: APPLICATION worlds you play(name them)...
  20. geko4740

    Intermediate need a siggy

    theme: green, scaley,like a green lizard almost. size: 240 x 180 pix. text 1:geko4740 text 2: prepare to die