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  1. Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    No, I was just gold hunting in this world in case I get the itch to seriously play again in the future but watching this server makes me think the game has passed me by....the servers now barely expand past the core oceans and it appears that only two teams vie for dominance now whereas in the...
  2. Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    Erik, I just read that manifesto and I guess you forgot about Emporion where you formed and lead a coalition of the entire server against one team, my team, The Syndicate. Don't make me get Mungus on

    True Fear of the core......I always remember them dropping about two months after the world starts at the current rim and away from the fighting, talking a lot of smack, and then fading away when the war finally reaches them. Anyways, I'll head back off into obscurity....carry on.
  4. The English are the weakest grepolis players

    Oh you crazy East Europeans and your impeccable first try timings..............what's your secret?
  5. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    I have played all range of speeds and I must admit the three worlds that I had the most fun in (Emporion, Sinope, and Baris) were are all speed 1 or 2. Worlds that roll along at a slow boil maintain a good player base because most players are not eliminated in the first week and you typically...
  6. Dionysia Event Feedback Thread

  7. Sparta vs Hades 2022 Feedback Thread

    Now that the event is over some fun final stats. After the first couple of days of overwhelmingly negative luck on the attacks I logged the next 100 battles. In 100 consecutive battles there were 77 that generated negative luck while only 21 with positive and two at 0 (even). Negative 30 (-30)...
  8. Won't be returning to the game

    Dave if you are truly leaving the game, go out with honor and integrity. No need for your supposed last words to be parting shots on your alliance mates. Remember, it was you that surprised everyone and ghosted leaving a lot of players that were supporting you hanging.....and scrambling. So as...
  9. Curious

    You are witnessing the game in its death throes......every server is less and less players. The core oceans and the "outer rim" are one in the same,
  10. Top Whatever

    I am having trouble understanding this argument. One of the few redeeming qualities of this game is the relationships that are forged with people across continents, like minded people that you keep in touch with even after the game has run its course. I find myself for the most part playing with...