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  1. The next to disband

    They are on your doorstep and you NAP with them and then go off on us for having a NAP with one small alliance way north of us while we are fighting everyone else lol, get a grip.
  2. The next to disband

    Good to see you piano ;) Everytime I play with this account someone gets p*ssed off lol, can add king James to the list now.
  3. The next to disband

    You have a NAP with 404 since the start... the only competition in your ocean dont you?
  4. The next to disband

    This 8 hour thing was nothing to do with me and was not a decision made by the leadership group, i dont know where he got it from in all honesty. And listen, like i said to me this is just a bit of fun so say all the sh*t you want, serious or not, to me its a laugh at the end of the day. And no...
  5. The next to disband

    Not sure where he got that from, nothing to do with leadership as far as I know, he decided to leave the game so handed us his cities thats all there is to crespo.
  6. The next to disband

    The op had nothing to do with you so you can calm down mate
  7. The next to disband

    Not sure where you got that info from, most likely pulled it out of your own arse. We kicked 2/3 members who didnt take part in our first Op.
  8. The next to disband

    God you take this game so seriously its laughable, im having fun playing the game how I want to play it and its hilarious watching you get so rattled by it.
  9. The next to disband

    Sorry, next time I will tailor the mass mail to something that is acceptable to you Supreme Lord Commander... Or how about, you run your alliance how you want and we will run ours how we want?
  10. The next to disband

    Ah yes, a revolt.. one of the most pathetic things one can do in a revolt server
  11. The next to disband

    Oh no, the supreme commander isn't impressed.. we have really failed here puppy
  12. The next to disband

    Yes because no one in TF uses gold or doubles... yet we still manage to come out ahead of you so far
  13. The next to disband

    You started already?
  14. The next to disband

    Always comments but who knows what team shes on, who knows what name she plays under, one of lifes great mysteries...
  15. The next to disband

    Yeah imagine...
  16. The next to disband

    We may be sat on the bench, but you are sat on the ground with your legs crossed like a good little boy.
  17. Whos gonna disband next

    This didnt age well
  18. Whos gonna disband next

    All of the above