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  1. Grepolis Draft World 2.0

    did i hear bots mentioned ?
  2. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    WW or Olympus for me, domination isnt as fun, because it ends to quick.
  3. New World Settings Poll Part 1

    @Baudin Toolan will you guys release another 6/6 world perhaps ? If so, please make sure you announce it earlier then you usually do, maybe plan like a special world, announce it 3 months before, and get the hype going... Maybe this would bring some old Grepolis players, and that server would be...
  4. Huh

    u mad bro ? :D
  5. Huh

    U sure i was banned on en130 ? Im quite sure i wasnt, i just ghosted because of 24h Charlie spam attacks. Banned on en136 twice yes, but not for bot lol. and the second part is correct, i did give up myself for internals.
  6. Huh

    Well this escalated rather quickly didnt it ?
  7. Proposal Balancing DLU vs Myth event tokens

    i agree with shuri. The huuuuuge issue also is, events at the start of the world. Sometimes world is 2 weeks old when an event starts. At that time, its nearly impossible to hold sieges other then found. Everyone has fliers. Shuris balancing proposal would help this issue aswell.
  8. Update to Version 2.214 Discussion Thread

    thats exactly what i meant.... update servers = upgrade or replace servers with more processing power
  9. Update to Version 2.214 Discussion Thread

    Thanks for answer. I do realize that you update frequently. Altough, based on yesterday, it seemed like your servers lack of processing power (bugs are something else). Basically a processor couldnt process all the commands. This happened for over 40 minutes, when we were getting delayed...
  10. Update to Version 2.214 Discussion Thread

    Hi, will you ever consider updating your servers ? Yesterday, on 125 world, we timed alot of attacks for same minute for a siege break. And the server was slow with processing, we have gotten reports like 30-40 minutes AFTER the attack has hit.
  11. Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    sign me Abominable Snowman
  12. The game is gone

    What bill ? the game is running probably in someones basement.