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  1. No player better than PG

  2. No player better than PG

  3. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    Would like to see another top 12 or top 5 :)
  4. Top 12

    you only asked 1 question which was 'you know whats funny?' the only thing thats funny is you trying to blame other people for playing fair while youre blatantly botting and even admitting it
  5. Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    If youre still on that I am charlie, youre freaking nuts lol.
  6. Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    whole frontline of bzc got banned, won the world by hiding behind their botting frontline while building dlu and doing city festivals behind it. actually disgusting.
  7. broken?

    Pretty sure the game break after every inno update
  8. Update to Version 2.198 Discussion Thread

    Dont make the game ongoing if its offline for like 30 mins, people losing units without being able to doa nything is a scam.
  9. Myth Units Revamp + 2 New Gods idea

    Changed Medusa special bonus from 100% to 150%
  10. Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    Anyone want to do an update?
  11. Desktop game not working

    en113 and en118 seem fine so far
  12. Cant log-in

    Browser version for en119 seems down atm, other worlds seem fine. so does the app
  13. Desktop game not working

    Since like an hour or so, the desktop version of en119 doesnt load. all other worlds seem fine. I found out multiple people have this problem. Any update of what is happening?
  14. Myth Units Revamp + 2 New Gods idea

    Changed Nemean lion defense blunt weapons from 600 to 275 Changed Nemean lion defense sharp weapons from 700 to 600 Changed Nemean lion defense ranged weapons from 600 to 525
  15. Myth Units Revamp + 2 New Gods idea

    Changed Hades shade favor cost from 5 to 3 Changed Hades shade sharp weapon from 10 to 15
  16. BUG Insane building time

    Some people have cities on different islands (If when they joined the island didnt have 3 open spots left)
  17. Myth Units Revamp + 2 New Gods idea

    Pestilence training time increased from 10% to 20%
  18. Myth Units Revamp + 2 New Gods idea

    Changes Hades shade travel speed from 62 to 74
  19. Summer Grepolympia Feedback Thread

    Why already? We just finished an event 2 weeks ago, this is way too many event close after eachother.