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  1. Queen Peace

    This peacetime is sillier than beans for breakfast or not ever brushing your teeth once in your life. Hopefully the Targaryens show up with some dragons and challenge Charles' claim to the throne. Surely having the same ruling family for nearly a thousand years is getting stale, innit?
  2. Update to Version 2.269 Discussion Thread

    Back in May, update to version 2.262 messed with the zoom. Will this issue be addressed at some point?
  3. Update to Version 2.262 Discussion Thread

    Did this update increase the size of the web browser window? I now have to zoom out to 80% to get rid of scroll bars on each axis which makes everything in game smaller, including the already small text. Web browser is google chrome.
  4. Missing: Goddess of Love, God of War

    Hello everyone, Naucratis is a good place to learn the game, but does not allow the use of the two newest gods Ares and Aphrodite. Both have advanced mythical units and spells that are important to learn and practice with, so is there any chance they will be activated on the Naucratis server...