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  1. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Gold is an issue that should be discussed elsewhere honestly. Hot takes on that >>> General forums. Not in a top 12, even as derailed as this one is, certainly.
  2. New Hybrid App - Bug reporting and feedback

    Double post but anyway... Spent part of last night/ early morning trying to send support to alliance members using the new hybrid app. Far more of a chore than the old one because when selecting cities the city name bar is often moved off the screen/ obscured by something else, never mind it...
  3. New Hybrid App - Bug reporting and feedback

    This. The classic app needed work, it needed better functionality (missing features etc) and it needed something done with the jumpy/glitchy forums etc. What it didn't need was to be ditched for a port of the web browser that has 0 optimisation at all. Things I like: Er the forums are more...
  4. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    I played a long time ago and I remember much bigger alliances, they were fun! Makes sense with the player base issue, but yeah... It's not a solution is it? This is also so true. As it is new players just get farmed mercilessly when they pop out of their bubbles because they've joined whatever...
  5. Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by Evil MeIinoe

    I don't know what you mean, I've not sold half my resources for gold nonono! *sits on pile of gold like some sort of fat contented dragon*
  6. Queen Peace

    It's not just 1 day though is it? Cant send colony ships the whole of today because carrying on with the game as normal the DAY BEFORE a peace would be MAD wouldn't it? The irony of this is that nobody voted for this. Much like the monarchy...
  7. Barracks Refresh > Whoops Swordsmen!

    No? Literally just built 116 swordsmen just now instead of a Ladon, not impressed... Edit - Once again, this would not be such an issue if the refund wasn't 50%, or if it just didn't default to swordsmen every time it refreshed...
  8. windows

    Can we add the issue of tabs opening behind other tabs, instead of on top, to this?
  9. Barracks Refresh > Whoops Swordsmen!

    I mean I enjoy it when I get the LS I need, not some STS honestly :p
  10. Barracks Refresh > Whoops Swordsmen!

    I have 0 addons. This is base game, refreshing. My internet speed is 400ish. It is not an issue with that.
  11. Barracks Refresh > Whoops Swordsmen!

    Hey. Not really too sure how to explain this one, but often when I am building troops using the barracks/harbour, the game refreshes for whatever reason (troop completion/ trade completion etc maybe?) and instead of building say 100 hoplites/LS, suddenly it resets to swordsmen/slow trans and...
  12. Update to Version 2.270 Discussion Thread

    Someone press a different button please...
  13. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    This thread is... Something
  14. Building time

    Senate level. Higher level senate = lower building times.