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  1. Kaboom

    higher point rank than fighting rank = simming
  2. Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by MeI

    great read, looking forward to the next one
  3. Wheel of Battle Feedback Thread

    7th of december
  4. Top Whatever

    im not calling that false, it happened yes, but some other mentions of your rumours were/are false. thats all its not a surprise we have pacts everyone does.
  5. Top Whatever

    i guess rumours are called rumours for a reason, since they are false most of the time :)
  6. why is this world not closing

    we just went below the 500 mark there is a long way to go
  7. Grepolis = NOT COMPETITIVE

    why would people do this? giving someone time to regroup themselves instead of taking more cities?
  8. Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    lmao bad opinion, bloods ghosted to be 'honorable' sike they just tried to save face because they knew that they wouldnt break 1 wonder let alone 5 so they just decided to stop playing and act like good guys. we dont have honor, we attack everyone on the server. why you might ask? because we...
  9. Question New Worlds?

    dont listen to this guy he sucks at this game
  10. Pnp Elis Newspaper - September Edition

    not easy to figure out it was found on a database filled with leaked passwords. its not inno's fault but they could help prevent it by adding some sort of extra security as in a 2fa or something along those lines. ofcourse everyone would build them and to be honest i wouldnt know if i would...
  11. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    lol OF/OA never thought that lmao when were we close to losing
  12. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    Sad to see you guys ghost @bloods would've liked the fight but it'd over i guess
  13. Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    Yo guys idc bloods did what eveyone what do and I don't blame then for nit giving up theur wonders but still this whole server I don't fuvk with bloods and Timur boi we can make you ghost with one op Just like we did with the rest of y'all. Muhvi you are a good player same too likee sad that you...
  14. Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    cause its weird that you agreed to a 10 day nap and were like. NOO YOU MERGED WITH OF INSTEAD OF BLOODS **** YOU AND YOUR NAP. and started attacking like little kids.
  15. Pnp Elis Newspaper - September Edition

    come on man do you really think we would accept that we would share the win with you and just hand over the last ww? ofcourse not wtf. we will get those 6 wws if you help us with giving us our 4 back or not.
  16. International server revolt

    terrible idea sorry to say, if only the top is recruited that would exclude loads of people and makes the server a lot smaller, but when everyone can join we will fill all the core oceans atleast and will hopefully have a rim thats not 035 but 025. loads of food for the top teams aswell if...
  17. Open Anchors

    someone probably sent a long tt cs there to found
  18. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    aight dont ghost before i can see tho
  19. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    war angel just stop man, you've challenged people and lost you arent some kind off prodigy