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  1. Pre-World Lemnos Discussion Thread

    are you retarded or trolling i can't tell
  2. Fast conuqest premade

    gaby and aethilla both horrible this dude just a simp
  3. Sparta vs Hades 2022 Feedback Thread

    peacetime shouldn't have impact on anything
  4. Sparta vs Hades 2022 Feedback Thread

    i don't remember asking
  5. Sparta vs Hades 2022 Feedback Thread

    It'd be a better event if we weren't stuck in peacetime
  6. Queen Peace

    so bugs like the windows not working, units not showing up inside a city till the attacks land, alarm scripts not outputting noise, unbearable lag at random points in time? HOWEVER will we play the game, Mike?
  7. Queen Peace

    can't wait till hydna tells us what repercussions we'd have faced for cancelling peacetime actually wait, @Baudin Toolan i know you're online, why don't you let us know
  8. Queen Peace

    hydna avoiding this thread like the plague because it was a horrible decision on every level, go figure
  9. Queen Peace

    We care because it's literally POINTLESS to activate peacetime for something that 99% of the players don't give any fucks about
  10. Queen Peace

    No one understands your reasoning because it's absolutely thoughtless, how many players do you realistically think will completely step away from their real life obligations to go pay respect to the ***** who fought as hard as she could to keep Africa under colonial rule? Surely, if she was...
  11. Queen Peace

    mike i know damn well you're online and haven't seen sunlight in 3 weeks surely we can get an explanation to why there's peacetime
  12. Queen Peace

    so just to clarify, there's not a single person in here actually defending the peacetime and the mods aren't even answering the thread? typical
  13. Queen Peace

    @Hydna here's a map of all the countries that were freed from british rule with a time stamp, surely Lizzie would love us to continue taking over other states in her honor.
  14. Sink&Swim

    wow GB coplaying on forums now too
  15. Sink&Swim

    only psychos will sit there golding into a city they have no live for too
  16. Sink&Swim

  17. Lower LS defensive Stats!!

    so did you have too much to drink and start lurking all the months old forum posts to see where you could inject your opinion when no one cares for it, or is this just how you operate?