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  1. Passed Morale should not apply to sieges

    Agreed morale in cqc is whats killing the playerbase. People see morale active and there is a instant decrease in people willing to play. LMD'ing should never have been a thing its a disgusting exploit abused by the same premades (while they dont need it) it kills any sort of competition/fun...
  2. Any OGs still around?

    Pretty sure I played grepo when it first came out.
  3. Top 12 v2

    lol talking about integrity in this game. Thats just gold you really cant make this stuff up. Sad thing is that you probably mean it.
  4. Warlords - Cheaters & Bot user's Paradise

    More like S-class nerd am I right lol. :wg:
  5. Trash Talk

    Lol you really trying to talk about how I talk? Any discord you make is cancer. Dont try to highroad me scrub.
  6. Trash Talk

    Thats cute if you think 14 year olds dont talk like that.
  7. Trash Talk

    Lol you arent 17....I'll give you 14 at best.
  8. Recruiting

    Is it too late to reply?
  9. TKF's Top 12 Power Rankings First Edition

    Have fun trying to land a cs on a active player/ally with 3-5 full nukes near to the city. You can time same sec all you want but its not going to happen 9/10 times.
  10. TKF's Top 12 Power Rankings First Edition

    In conq you hc and hunt for someone sleeping once yoy find someone you send timed support with minimal attacks.
  11. Top 12 Top 12 - Predictions

    I'll do yo mom :wg:
  12. Diotools not working

    *sigh* copy this
  13. HF and GL

    I will have fun....not playing grepo :smug:
  14. The Story of pawcio the magnificent

    Shuri is such a joker.....she thinks she is the second coming of Kevin Hart. :wg:
  15. The Story of pawcio the magnificent

    Its easy to hit vm when the world js young and come back to join the winning side and farm inactives.
  16. The Story of pawcio the magnificent

    Please getting top fighters these days a joke back in the day you wouldnt even be top 100 so pipe down.
  17. The Story of pawcio the magnificent

    I wouldnt talk if I were you Mr VM all the time. You wouldnt be able to handle this smoke scrub.