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  1. Thrillology

    Proposal No gold, no events

    It would be nice if the game did not have gold for anything besides advisors. I'm down for a world without gold and events, just to see how much of a difference is made.
  2. Thrillology

    Ten Years Flew by Quickly

    It's already been just over ten years since I first played Grepolis. For the past six or so years, I have only been on Achilles. That said, I am interested in trying out another world in the near future, but first I'd like to know what the biggest changes to Grepolis have been since then...
  3. Thrillology

    Is it possible to get 70 vacation days?

    That's unfortunate. I would need them next fall well after my registration date of July 2nd. Thank you for the responses.
  4. Thrillology

    Is it possible to get 70 vacation days?

    Greetings, I am a player on Achilles and I am wondering if it is possible to make a request to purchase additional vacation days since the maximum of 56 days is insufficient in this case. I am inquiring about this because some time in the future, I will not have access to the internet for ten...
  5. Thrillology

    Very long time

    Howdy folks, It's been a very, very long time since I last visited these forums. Last time I saw the forum, it looked very different -- nothing like how it looks now. My activity has slowed down on the game, but never did I stop playing except when I would go on vacation mode for vacations...
  6. Thrillology

    New God Discussion Thread

    I never expected to see you around here, haha. ------------------------- Anyways. It's definitely April Fools'. There's no Greek god (or any god for that matter) named Deinos. A spell that destroys all mythical units in an attack? That would cause a big fuss!
  7. Thrillology

    Do Gun Restrictions/Bans Reduce Violent Crime?

    I don't know about any of you, but several studies have proven that it's mental illness behind the killings. In the United States, the social libertarians of the 20th century successfully shut down almost all of our programs to help the mentally ill. Since the release of the mentally ill from...
  8. Thrillology


    Welcome. It's been a long while since I've been on the forums, but I haven't stopped playing Grepolis. :)
  9. Thrillology

    Gaming mouse pads

    Is there something special about a gaming mousepad? I've been using the same mousepad since 2010, and it looks just like those. Do they reduce surface friction or something while not being as hard and smooth as a table or desk surface?
  10. Thrillology

    Open Daily Quickfire Debates!

    It's been a few days since the last post hasn't it? As for Israel and Gaza, it's WAY too controversial! I can't even get any direct first hand accounts because no one I know is near the area at the moment, nor has been. Though I did get direct first hand accounts of the South Sudanese Civil...
  11. Thrillology

    Many thanks to that supported NO WWs

    I still am using victory processions and have been on a daily basis for over a year (not exaggerating, and believe it or not!). I've had fun in this world, and I still would like to stay. I know this is resolved now (I think, sorry, I'm behind on everything) and I would love to continue in...
  12. Thrillology

    Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

    I'd like a thousand culture points then. :)
  13. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    Speed two worlds give 40 per hour, this is based off of speed 2.
  14. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    My post above is pretty long because of that quote, so I will make a second post. I have finished adding all reinforcement recipes on the list. Enjoy.
  15. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    "3 4 5 horsemen 20 50" I guess that 50 is a typo?
  16. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    With units, is that 6 harpies per hour for 9 hours or 6 harpies in 9 hours?
  17. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    I'm getting the same results in all 7 EN worlds I play and 1 US world.
  18. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    Someone was telling me it does, I guess that person has it mixed up then. Thanks for the info!
  19. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    Haha, I understand. :P
  20. Thrillology

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe!

    Halloween Event: Public Recipe! *Spoilers* It's not against the rules to pubicly post the recipes, right? So, why not have them all in one thread? Anyone who wants to contribute can do so by replying with a recipe on this thread. Also, feel free to repost this thread anywhere you want...