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  1. Looking for Alliance

    Yes, we recruit everyone, except jameslongst everyone welcome, we will make a third branch if needed, no problem, just message Karma.
  2. Mihalis & Anysia

    Any information Baudin ?
  3. Pre-World Lemnos Discussion Thread

    In those recent polls, there was no option for Olympus, atleast for me. I had options dominations (2 versions) and WW (2 versions). Thats it. No Olympus.
  4. Fast conuqest premade

    the only good one :kek:
  5. Queen Peace

    I have a strong feeling you come from UK.
  6. Queen Peace

    Hydna, please name what did Queen do, to make living on this earth better, healthier for us ? What did she do to improve our civilization ? With that beeing said, me and @Heres20BucksKillMe propose that every year, we have peacetime on 20th of April to celebrate beloved leader H who passed away...
  7. Update to Version 2.270 Discussion Thread

    Inno you had one task, and you blew it.
  8. Update to Version 2.269 Discussion Thread

    Works for me tough. Try clearing cache, cookies, and refresh browser. Chrome.