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  1. Grepolis Laggy Laggy

    This is the first time for me. Keeps telling me that there is no such player with the name Sternoff.
  2. The game is gone

    I am showing my account is missing from the game.
  3. Any OGs still around?

    I am here since 2012, but can't logon.
  4. Top-5 of Sinope

    I would agree about Killer, but she showed her true colors with me by booting me from Gods of War. Now, I am taken my frustrations out on the Nutters because of what was done to me.
  5. Pnp The Story of Sinope: A Hilarious Tragedy

    How about some backstabbers who won the crown? I called Killermoze as a friend, but she booted me from Gods of War, and never got an invite to join the Nutters. Right now, the Nutters are paying the price to me as I took one of their cities on their WW islands. Me and Killer won the crown...
  6. less and less people :(

    Maybe combined all the closed worlds, and invite all the players back and called it the all star world. It could show who had the most cities and all that as a combined.
  7. less and less people :(

    Lots of people are quitting the newer worlds because of the players who have deep pockets keep taken cities away from the ones who do not have gold status. Carphi is becoming a dead world soon because too many are quitting the world because of gold players who could build faster, taken cities...
  8. Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    As it is. The free players are becoming overcome by having their cities being taken left and right as it is. We are getting these players who pay for gold making messages to alliance founders and leaders calling their players as a bunch of Simmers. With this being added, the players who do not...
  9. Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    I play on both the US and EN servers.
  10. Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    Signing: I am on Sinope, Dyme, Achilles, Nysa. Sinope is already close to WW stage just after only a few months being opened.
  11. Not a Bug unable to login to world

    I reported that issue as well. I think it is an issue with Windo ws 8, and has to do with Java and Flashplayer. I am reading on other places that people are having issues mostly Flash on Windows 8.
  12. The Future of Hero Worlds Discussion Thread

    I think with non-ending worlds are better. WW worlds have people stop playing altogether after all 7 wonders are built. As is, we all made friends in these worlds, and closing worlds down also break the friendship up.There could be better solutions like goals and rewards for capturing all of...
  13. the top 5 alliance to make it the long run

    No. There were really no spies. The person who you refered to contacted me first about lies being posted about me in the forum. One of your leaders posted that I was not supposed to be attacked because I was given you guys info of where our WWs are located. I told him it was a lie because I did...
  14. Not a Bug kick Back To Entry Page

    I am getting a Response Error message and that boots me out of the game. It happened once on the Google Chrome that it booted me out of the game.
  15. Not a Bug kick Back To Entry Page

    Well, I am still being kicked back out of the game.
  16. Why Dread weapons HAVE WON marathon over Death fiber/Death fibers/S.O.D I,II,III etc

    I do not know what is going on over there, but some of your people have really POed Death Fiber/s members with your actions. Mostly lies and backstabbing from some of your leaders. We told you we will not merge with you if you let TLT in. They are as bad as RYR/DW members that are now part of...
  17. Not a Bug kick Back To Entry Page

    Hi. I noticed a bug after the update. I am usually fine using Cool Novo browser which is a light weight version of Google chrome log in using my Facebook account. Now, after the update, i could log in, but when I go into my world, and when it is almost finish loading? I get booted back to the...