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  1. IDontMainLulu

    New God Ares Feedback Thread

    They announced the first Ares rebalances: Devblog (click), Beta (click).
  2. IDontMainLulu

    W.W. and ghost town

    Hello, on the Wiki page of the World Wonders it says that it is possible to start the expansion of the World Wonders even while a ghost town is present on the island. I was wondering if it was up to date and if it still was possibile. Thank you:)
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    Grepolympia Greek Cup 2021 Feedback Thread

    The Wiki needs to be updated: after the event took place on the Beta worlds they decided that the new mythic units can also be sacrificed. In the meantime, i put here the values they offer when sacrificed. Unit Athens War Owls Points/Unit Spartan Hoplites Points/Unit Corinthian...
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    New God Ares Feedback Thread

    In any case, a nerf has already been done so far: when the developers fixed the bug where the Spartoi were fighting twice, they caused another "bug" (they have decided not to consider it entirely a bug). Ghost Spartoi now fight separately from other troops, so they deal less damage, and also for...
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    New God Ares Feedback Thread

    Personally i think it would be wrong. I would rather nerf Ares rather than touch Heroes or old strategies.
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    Pre-World Oricos Discussion Thread

    Here is a comparison between the servers announced in some of the main communities.
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    New God Ares Feedback Thread

  8. IDontMainLulu

    New God Ares Feedback Thread

    It's already scary like that. If instead of Deimos he had used a hero with Blunt weapon (such as Aristotle or Odysseus), the Bug would have activated, and the Spartoi would have done double the damage.
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    top 10

    have some screen?
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    Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    This damage is due to the huge Sparti Bug. In this case, the horsemans activated the Bug.
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    Why Does the game keep crashing????

    These are the (translated) statements of the German CM:
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    The Ladon, A Short-Term Solution, the Player's Council, and the Desperate Need For Communication

    I would love this option, but the italian CM said this before the release of Aphrodite and Ares, i hope they can reconsider the proposal.
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    Pre-World Kepoi Discussion Thread

    There is a small part of Italian players who unfortunately use the FarmBot (at their own risk...), but this also happens here, or in Germany, or in France and in other countries, i have played in different countries and it happens almost everywhere (i have not played in Russia so i don't know...
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    Pre-World Kepoi Discussion Thread

    Here is a comparison of the advertised servers settings, pretty fast servers, not bad:D Settings en de (click) fr (click) it (click) Game speed: 4 4 2 4 Unit speed: 4 4 2 3 Trade speed: 4 3 ? 4 Conquer system: Revolt Revolt Revolt Conquest Morale: Active Active Active Inactive...
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    Grepolis = NOT COMPETITIVE

    The difference is that in almost all Tribals and Tribals Wars 2 servers the sitting is allowed. Even if someone spam you 24h, you can call your sitter.
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    Grepolis Memes

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    New God Ares Feedback Thread

    Exactly, it should work like that, but there is a Bug and you can only sacrifice a maximum of 100 population's worth units, if you have 100 catapults, the spell will only sacrifice 6 catapults (=90 population=90 fury), i hope they will fix this soon. There are two different description of Ares'...
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    New God Ares Feedback Thread

    On revolt (and on walls) the biggest problem are not the Ladons, but the Ares' Army. Look in these simulations the damage to walls that a full catapults nuke + Ares' Army can do (and i didn't consider Aphrodite's Narcissism) vs 30.000 dlu vs 45.000 dlu vs 60.000 dlu It would do some...