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  1. Lack of units

    Why aren’t javelin or pike men units a thing in this game. And how about a different variety in units like lite units and heavy. Lite swordsman made for defense and heavy swordsman made for offense. Just some ideas
  2. New game idea

    What if inno games made a game like Grepolis but only it was modern day or future. The game would be mech warfare like gundam frames or something like that. I think that would be cool as **** and if anyone could do it, it’s inno games.
  3. A bug on old app

    On the old app there is a bug that makes part of the islands disappear. Also the forums need fixing.
  4. Forum bug

    On the old app the forums will flicker like the forums are disappearing and reappearing really fast.
  5. Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    Keep making these though they are great fun to read
  6. Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    The angels of death are allied with black ships and a few other smaller alliances. If they all work together I think they can hold of rabbits of caerbannog
  7. Thanks Grepolis

    They are still going to make fixes to the old app and I’m grateful. Thanks for listening Grepolis! Gang sh*t
  8. Update to Version 2.279 Discussion Thread

    I know you’re not supporting the old app but could you please tell the developers to fix the forums bug. It’s almost impossible to use the forums when a lot of messages start pilling up.
  9. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Why is having morale so bad?
  10. Black Ships

    The Alliance Black Ships is recruiting so if anyone is interested in joining an upcoming alliance, just send an invitation.
  11. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Alliance columbine is recruiting members if you want to join the discord then message me
  12. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Slow worlds are better
  13. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Opening up several worlds at once would guarantee less players in each world
  14. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Hey I’m looking forward to this slow world thanks Grepolis.
  15. The Round Table

    @KingFrak you can’t just hop around alliances like you have been in the world Milos then just make a crappy alliance at random and expect it to grow or even work. Everyone has an alliance already. Good luck with the round turd
  16. Looking for premade for next fast world

    Thanks for telling us when the new world opens.
  17. New year

    Happy new year everyone. Whenever the new world comes out if anyone wants to team up with me please send me a message on here.
  18. Ukraine Runners

    Glory to our alliance
  19. Night time

    I would like to see both night and day on the old version of the app. Please add that before you stop supporting it