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  1. Wonder islands with only one city

    Yes, there has been a change to this. In the current wonder worlds, if you build a wonder on any particular island, all available anchors will be opened on that island. So to use your example where a single city is on the island with no other open anchors, once a wonder is started on that...
  2. Proposal Domination - Capture an Alliance Fortress

    The only issue I can see is if you have players participating with the initial set up (capturing the castle, etc) then entering permanent VM afterwards. This issue will need to be addressed as a possible abuse method. Great job besides that.
  3. Grepo: Current problems that need to be solved

    You make some interesting, albeit inaccurate comments. As a Moderator and at the risk of being trolled I am going to respond... I will state that these are my opinions and are based as my experience as a Moderator and not that of the Innogames or the Community Managers. I will also not be...
  4. Hall of Fame & Hall of Shame

    I don't say much here, however I am finding the amount of hypocrisy in this thread amusing... If you align yourself with this alliance you are cuddling, however if you align yourself with that alliance it's good strategy. If you don't have allies then you are stupid and have no strategy. When in...
  5. Pnp The Tomb Bust Disaster (with apologies to William McGonagall)

    We have our strategy, you have yours. I find it interesting that you bring up taking enemy cities. You took hand offs, inactives and ones that just plainly were not defended and we still took more of your personal cities than you took of ours. I would note in comparison EVERY TM city I took...
  6. Pnp The Tomb Bust Disaster (with apologies to William McGonagall)

    AH! One of the REAL players in TM. Thank you. SOME of you actually know what you are doing. I know how the rankings work and I also know how those ranks can be padded. SOME of you actually have earned your place legitimately, others however, let's just say their advancement jumps leave...
  7. Pnp The Tomb Bust Disaster (with apologies to William McGonagall)

    Says the player that cannot take a city actively defended by local bir ONLY for 3+ weeks
  8. Pnp The Tomb Bust Disaster (with apologies to William McGonagall)

    I don't say much here but enough is enough. What do you think TM has been doing MOST of the server??? They turtled up and watching the world from their ivory towers while taking in-actives and unwanted cities. All the while, they demonstrated how low they (and yes Collect this includes you)...
  9. Wiki_Guide Figtree2's Guide to Grepolis (Section One)

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions... Personally, I appreciate any experienced player who is willing to put their thoughts to "paper" and make an effort to contribute to the Grepolis Community, especially for new players. Again you are entitled to your opinion based on your play style...
  10. Wiki_Guide Figtree2's Guide to Grepolis (Section One)

    Keep in mind that everyone has different priorities and play styles, be they new players or veterans. There are as many strategies as there are players.
  11. Top 12 Top 12

    So I was wondering, is this a top 12 chat or a "see who can slander the other better" thread? I ask because the last top 12 was back in October and the title does say "Top 12".
  12. Important Needed Wiki Changes

    Just going by what he said. I have not had a chance to look at it
  13. Quest reward and building bug

    One of our current bugs is certain buildings show that they need 3 pop while they actually need 4. Not sure if that is the problem however...
  14. Reinforcement bug

    Been there...
  15. Important Needed Wiki Changes

    Hi, Noah is going to be absent due a family emergency. I will be filling in until his return. From what I have told, the table contained incorrect information.
  16. Top 12 Top 12

    If you are going to spout off, would at least have the courtesy to start a city and pretend to actually play in this world. Quite frankly, you remind me of a desperate groupie troll.
  17. Top 12 Sink or Swim: Alliances

    Thanks for this however check the thread labelled Top 12...
  18. Top 12 Top 12

    Having never done this before and leaving out the politics (leave that for you guys)… here's a different take of the top twelve. I ranked each of the top 12 by the average of their current score and the last weeks point gain, conquests, ABP and DBP divided their player total and number of...
  19. 'City List' (Administrator) not working properly with MS Edge

    I would recommend that you try the basics, clear your cache, check to ensure everything is up-to-date etc. and if this is still an issue you may need to look at changing browsers. There are certain browsers that do not work well with Grepolis, that is one of them. It was also suggested that...
  20. Map Alliance Colors

    I would recommend that you submit a support ticket. The Support Team should be able to investigate that and hopefully get you an answer.