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  1. TKF's Power Rankings Edition 3: Irruducibili Coalition Falls, Bunnies Building, OCEANS VETERANS Tested

    hahah, i started this world from a link that Tracilia sent me by mail, so i was in plague from start... yes you cought me , but you sent cs without support, and tell every one where is that CS ?
  2. TKF's Power Rankings Edition 3: Irruducibili Coalition Falls, Bunnies Building, OCEANS VETERANS Tested

    you were fighting Plague? when was that? should i post you PMs? you ask me to give you city to fight bunnies, then you call me for help to break siege on you? who were you figting again?
  3. Trash Talk Thread

    yeap, 19 members in 1 alliance and few more pact alliances :D its funny how you all keep saying that you are alone, and than wolfpact, dokkaebi and yin and yang share forums with you just for talk, they dont help at all :D keep it funny ;)
  4. Trash Talk Thread

    Dog that barks, dont bite!
  5. Trash Talk Thread

    you are so pathetic! should we exchange flowers?
  6. Just for Laughs - an alliance with no honour and a cult of cowards

    no no no,spaming them back would just boost their ego. and they live to be in center of attention. spam has just ruined the game as you said. also gold, as we have too many events,(wonder if in near future would run 2 events at the same time)...without them most of them would not play, this has...
  7. Tempus Coalition

    we could, dont know about you if you would be able to handle them. thats why you help them. not sure if x-dude agrees about that, as i didnt saw him sending attacks on our siege, but you others were sending. also not informed about supporting their siege, could not see who sending couse inactive...
  8. Tempus Coalition

    that small one asd9999, was that they open close, that i counted. and seems like they make fun of this game, every new account first city name was the name of last closed account. and guess who their friends are :D
  9. Tempus Coalition

    ... and seems Semajoes choose his friends wisely
  10. Tempus Coalition

    OOh yes, he counted 2 of them out(19), but didnt count last one.
  11. Tempus Coalition

    you know that you misscounted, its 18.
  12. Just For Spammers

    yesterday, 1 our member was spied from dokkaebi, and also 1 member of GA at the same time same city, cant be coincidence?
  13. Just For Spammers

    ...also 1 thing you "didnt" know they are pacted with you(or you just helping them) with the vanguards, outcast vanguards, grepo alcoholics and were pacted with goldens ... thats that i know. and you feel sorry for them? count them again please.
  14. Just For Spammers

    1 error, played dimale, but world i was thinking is DELOS!
  15. Just For Spammers

    I already said to someone, who was inviting players on discord to chat about problems in grepolis, spaming...ect I am so disapointed in this game how it developed into dolaropolis, that its pointless to play if you dont have lots of money to waste on it. started in DELOS world, well that was...
  16. Just For Spammers

    we dont have a pact. surely you heard about expression: enemy of our enemy is our friend. ..and if you know that small koreans, you would not mentioned it ;) probably they are owners of this game. also using tricks, open account/found/build fast/internialise/and close account. no skill just money.
  17. Just For Spammers

    I dont have more, but could give you 20$ so you can go somewhere drink coffe and talk about this quietly!
  18. Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Why do I bother, posting here? Here are all best players who dont cheat or use gold, newer lost a city and won all wars. where do I fit in there? Oooh Yes, I was provoked to replay here, and altough i didnt know the codex of forum talk, Im geting into it slowly while I write. More...
  19. Pnp Can Someone enlighten me

    think now things are clear, but i cant understand how can someone play role of spy for year and so? ...well, rhodes will need more alliances to break us ;)