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  1. Android App Problem Feedback

    After all these years the biggest flaw in the phone app is that it sets the game time by default to your local area. On my own phone app there is a one hour difference between the standard UTC set by the fact that I live within walking distance of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich and the...
  2. App Changelog 2.99 Discussion thread

    So the updating of the phone app takes a predictable path. After deleting the old app and downloading afresh: An unknown error occured while loading additional content. Would you like to try again? Well no. I would prefer that it was right first time not still wrong after 100 times.
  3. How has the game changed over the past few years or so?

    Not every time you have a reasonable amount of other ships in the attack.
  4. How has the game changed over the past few years or so?

    One of the biggest game changers in my opinion is the introduction of the purification spell. This allows a defender to destroy a CS very easily if he is online. Consequently the game has changed from the series of battles against other players, to a systematic search for players who have left...
  5. Passed Athena spell upgrade

    Every action has to have a balance between the opposing forces. Spending a small amount of favor that could cost your enemy an indefinate amount of favor is not balanced.
  6. Script Quack Toolsammlung - Support

    That's all very well but if I am in the middle of a battle and suddenly my screen becomes disabled, I'm not about to go studying how to streamline your default script. Oddly I reloaded it and the annoying buttons had disappeared.
  7. Script Quack Toolsammlung - Support

    I've just had to uninstall this script because the additional links to other sites eg. Grepostats at the bottom of the menu had pushed the top of the grepolis screen out of view so I couldn't play the game at all. Those links aren't exactly vital to this script and they mess with the...
  8. Closed Improvement 22.12.14 Poll

    is my sarcasm meter broken?
  9. Game page freezes

    Most games freezes are caused by incompatibility issues within your device. A minor alteration in the system will cause the stored data in your cache to be incompatible with the altered system. So you clean out your cache and it will retain the most up to date version of that data. The same...
  10. A Public Message to the Leaders of OCEANS VETERANS

    What do the forum rules (and Mods) have to say about this?
  11. Empty Ocean no farm villages

    I there are only 8 city spaces on your Island, then you have chosen a desert Island which will never have any farms. Perhaps if someone founds a city on the 20 city Islands, then farms will appear there.
  12. Speed 1 Settings (Petition)

    Speed 1 worlds tend to attract less Gold spending monsters, because Gold buys you speed, so why buy gold to speed up the slowest world? So it may be a better environment for new players who aren't buying heaps of gold but that might not be better for innogames.
  13. Resources for Conquest research does not show

    I sent a ticket at 06:00 I'll try that mario but others said they had a full warehouse and couldn't do it.
  14. Resources for Conquest research does not show

    Not working for me and others in my alliance. Seems like a general issue and a pretty major one. I should add that you can't research conquest either. The entire conquest window in the academy is dead. Which means that nobody with one city can get any further in the game.
  15. world wonder locations

    It depends how big the world is and how big your alliance is. There are 2 drawbacks to putting all your world wonders very close together. If one wonder gets broken, then the others are just as vulnerable to attack from the broken city. If you have a large area to send resources from, it can...
  16. Gold Trading Discussion and Feedback Thread

    Limiting gold trade to inter-alliance transactions would cut out the problem of "Gold farmers" who just join worlds to sell resources to other players. Traded gold could possibly be restricted to use in the world it was traded in too. Like a world specific currency. eg: Alpha gold. At the...
  17. Gold Trading Discussion and Feedback Thread

    Initially this idea sucks but there could be some balance to it. Young people who play the game can be dreadfully handicapped by not having any gold. Just getting enough gold to pay for the premium features could make all the difference to a kid of 13 or 14. I've known some really dedicated...
  18. Milestones World Kos Milestones

    Fair Play ti ya' as Terry Wogan would say. But as far as I am aware at least 3 players in Karma/Rel played alongside Redclerk in another World. Maybe someone was trying to "Psyche" but it wasn't me or Red.
  19. Milestones World Kos Milestones

    I thought accusations of cheating were not allowed on this forum, as for "spirit of the game" people who live in a hall of mirrors must keep their eyes closed at all times. The game allows recruitment up to the point where world wonders start. If a team is allowed to recruit new players to a...
  20. Best attack timings in Kos?

    Just to clarify il.buono, those are Vlad131's timings. He's the best Grepolis player Evah. I really have no idea how he does it. His Abp's aren't that impressive and he only ever attacks to conquest, but he manages to be right on the button every time. It's quite a talent he has acquired.