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  1. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    I really dislike lies, especially those that are easy to verify) Yes, it was not a Fiasco, but there were still a few more Fiasco regular players than you say .. They are just not as hysterical as you are and therefore played the world to the end ..Mauro Griffy Annette and others
  2. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    Congratulations to the Romanian team on the victory! You were focused and motivated, it always helps)
  3. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    I don’t know where you get the information from, but it’s not true) If there was no Romanian team, there would be no union of English teams) Although this is not necessary for me, it’s not me who determines the policy)
  4. Pre-World Milos Discussion Thread

    I read the settings of the new world and it seems to me more majestic, but this is only up to the line about morale) After reading it, it is active, it is clear that this is an ordinary world with the usual attitude of developers towards the players)
  5. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    It works if the attackers stop at a rеvolt, but there is also such a thing as a constant breaking of the city) Every 10-15 minutes ... and in this case there is no way without gold)
  6. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Constant whining about gold, how boring it is) I understand if you do it on a ru server, there is no trade there and if you don’t buy gold, then you really lose to those who buy) But here it’s just heaven) I had a little mood to play, well, rather to trade, for 5 days of lazy trading, I traded...
  7. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    In those days it was just))) BP*4 there was a lot of this in all events)
  8. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    You are wrong, but teams have a chance against the gold ones. It's just that the team should be a team)
  9. Pre-World Lemnos Discussion Thread

    Hmm, a very controversial statement, you apparently never played a revolt against a truly golden guys like a fiasco) After their nightly attacks on the walls and conquest can be a cakewalk)))
  10. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    As for the Odin and Flags, there were simply not enough active players, but for example, they were in goig nowhere, but it feels like they were sitting and waiting for the fiasco to turn on the final frontier to wake up, the same Zarun staged an assault on my city a week before end of the...
  11. Ban cheaters/golders

    It gives up very easily, the simplest cities that Banda took in 129
  12. Life

    It really works, you have no idea how angry Golders are who are wasting a ton of resources)))
  13. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    Today, 45 ocean is trading all day, for some reason I don't think it's a Fiasco)
  14. Top 10

    What is needed to defeat the golders is a good online and a good team, well, there is also a block of gold troops, but these are already special skills)))
  15. Top 10

    don't know that War Angel is already whining, there are no normal golders here) Trade is sluggish Dear Golders, dear ones, come in soon, we are waiting for you)
  16. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    we cannot be led astray, we do not care where to go)
  17. Show us your gold

    Yes) There are probably three zeros missing on the screen
  18. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    This is partly true, but we must not forget that as a result of the Fiasco there were 3 alliances against 1 ) Just about the flags, please don't remember))) We all saw what happened to them after one operation from the fiasco)
  19. Top 12 Top 12 - Sink or Sink?

    Because they are golders Also accepted cheaters Death to the Fiasco!!!!
  20. Dracarys vs. Everybody

    he's probably about 2 of my cs at 45. it was just for good luck to possible inactives with no special support and generally stupid))