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  1. milocece

    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Pebble is letting us have a new one so please keep it spam and profanity free or else we won't be allowed any more sink or swims on this world
  2. milocece

    Sinope Superlatives

    It's a little early for this, but this is for when the world has been open a couple of weeks. I saw this in a world I played a while ago and thought it would be fun Alliance Superlatives: Best MRA: Worst MRA: Best Warriors: Best Defenders: Most Laughable Attackers: Best Profile: Best...
  3. milocece

    Inactive Topic Forum Tutorial

    ~All credit goes to Hassan al-Sabbah Proposal: To create a walkthrough for the forums just like a tutorial for the game. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes and I didn't see anything Reason: The...
  4. milocece

    Ally, War, Disband

    Pretty simple, name three alliances then say which one you think will disband, which one you would have war with and which you would ally
  5. milocece

    Inactive Topic Plus rep at the start

    Proposal: To have players new to the forum start out with one or two bars of green rep. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? I didn't see one Reason: On the forum there are some players that love to make...
  6. milocece

    Hermonassa Superlatives

    It's time to get this party started the right way! Superlatives! This is PURELY opinion based and entirely for fun - and don't think this is the only time we'll post one! But since the world has been open for a couple of weeks, I'm sure many of you have made opinions, so let's hear them. If...
  7. milocece

    Ally, War, Disband

    I saw this game on another world, looks pretty fun. I post the names of 3 alliances, the next poster then picks 1 for each out of war, ally or disband. They then say 3 more alliance names, preferably at least 2 different from last poster. Example Ally- WRECKLESS Inc War- ALPHAZ Disband-...
  8. milocece


    My real name is drew and I'm from America I love to wrestle (on a team and at home with friends and siblings) and okay airsoft, I've been playing grepolis for a little under a year, my favorite world is gythium, and I am really starting to like Myonia :)
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    Can someone name some ways to get rep?
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    How can I pm people screenshots that I have on my ipad's memory? Is there anyway besides a URL
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    Top 12 Yet another top twelve ;)

    1. Red Mist Comments- All i can say is WOW they have traveled here from an elite alliance in idalium called nightfall and are dominating here too if there are not internal issues and if they don't conquer the whole world yet ;) we might be looking at future winners of Myonia 2. League of...
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    What is a pnp
  13. milocece

    Probably the last top ten for this world

    1)Crowned points: 57146278 abp: 28482245 Comments-My alliance so I won't say much other than has been a leader in gythium and only the two closet alliances combined could take us 2) Memento Mori points: 31869931 Abp: 8470089 Comments-Southern alliance they really just do their stuff in...
  14. milocece

    Invite, conquer, kick (kinda like ally,war,disband)

    Say which player you would invite to your alliance, which you would kick from your alliance, and which you would conquer a city (or more) from. I'll start it off, then post 3 names for the next person. This is for fun, if you say anything that might be considered offensive remember to put a...