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  1. worlds best city and alliance names

    post what you think are the worlds best city and alliance names. i think mine are the best :)
  2. Alliances sink or swim

    1. HaVoC- ( my alliance ) have some great team work and aggressive players top ABP -swim 2. The Enlightened- they have some very good players but they have been built of unstable foundations with the break up of THE BANNED i think if they can work together they might stay in this world -...
  3. joint skype

    hey guys i got an idea how about we have a joint skype i would keep up the banter between us all if your up for it post your skype name on here or add me on skype its (skype name)
  4. request

    hey everyone could someone make me a sig with a wizard with fire coming out of his hands and the word The Nefarious like writen on his belly in like a bloody redish colour.
  5. funny jokes add your own

    Why was the washing machine laughing? Because it was taking the out the underpants Why was the Energizer Bunny arrested? He was charged with batter the jokes can be clean or rude ones take your pick +rep if you think any of them are remotly funny
  6. king of the hill

    just to make a bit of fun i hope you all know how to play this i will start it off i find a hill and put a flag on it.....MY HILL
  7. the top 5 alliance to make it the long run

    1. raise your weapon if you anit heard of them you should by now they are ripping up the whole ocean they are rank 1 attacking alliance and rank 8th on the world rank. they have great leadership from what i heard. 2.rouge Bullz they are well placed and i think they will control ocean 56...