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  1. Summer Starts Now!!

    Can some do a top 12? maybe try and get this post back on track :P
  2. Summer Starts Now!!

    Any chance you could put out an announcement In game because not everyone goes on the forum of the current Game stats, just so there is no more Chinese whispers about it. cheers
  3. Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

  4. Cry Room

    me right now...
  5. Cry Room

    anyone seen that smoke cloud above no brakes?
  6. New Naji Premade - Here we go Again !

    Looking to join the new world, played for a while not looking for leadership.
  7. Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    All views are my own, take it how you want. 1- The Roman Empire-- My alliance no comment 2- The black Death--FLOAT-- they seem to have a some good players, but they're also carrying a lot of dead weight if they cut away their weaker less actives members they probably could combine both of...
  8. Important Conquer a Mod Competition

    so you're in O55... the hunt continues :)
  9. Petition to Remove Instant Buy!

  10. The Sin will rule Rhethymnos

    where have you gone?
  11. Milestones Accurate Milestones

    ah my bad did not read it
  12. worlds best city and alliance names

    guys do not change your city names to what mine was i now have a perm ban thanks lowkey and the rest of the gang...
  13. worlds best city and alliance names

    yer :) me and lowkey had a little falling out over his master plan of kicking members since one of them was a cool lad :)
  14. Milestones Accurate Milestones

    lowkey your very wronge here 303 Fighter Squadron was first by along shot
  15. worlds best city and alliance names

    post what you think are the worlds best city and alliance names. i think mine are the best :)
  16. When does the world start?

    arshark hes with us we got a little group of havoc member here :)
  17. Alliances sink or swim

    1. HaVoC- ( my alliance ) have some great team work and very aggressive -swim 2. The Enlightened- they seem to be pretty good they might have a very hard fight ahead of them since they are going up against the top dogs HaVoC 3. White Eagles - i think they are try to pull they selfs...
  18. Alliances sink or swim

    so your saying 2 of the best alliance HaVoC and the enlightened wont last but the crappy band of misfits will??? put this image in your head in a war who win havoc or band of misfits.
  19. current happenings?

    i like big pink ponies
  20. Alliances sink or swim

    i have been told that The Shadow League shall heading off to rim city.