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  1. What?

    recruit me :P that'd earn you my respect
  2. In need of an alliance... Try DEATH!

    What ocean are you in?
  3. What can I do?

    Because the same person attacking me is in Wolfpack 2, and it would eliminate both problems, plus, Id improve your alliance
  4. What can I do?

    Thanks alot for the advice mate, is their any planned new worlds soon?
  5. Wolfpack

    I would love to join, sent you a message in game also!
  6. What can I do?

    Ok mate, thanks alot.
  7. What can I do?

    Thanks for the advice, so I was thinking I focus on just upping he warehouse until the minumum secure exceeds my max production, then he gets nothing. I will also no enlist militia. I was in an alliance called "The Theraputic Alliance" but they booted me once I was being attacked as they are...
  8. What can I do?

    the rim?
  9. What can I do?

    So Im a new player of this game, and once the 7 day protection was up this guy on my island immedieatly started hammering me, he has being doing so ever since and I am totally unable to grow at all, its like he never turns the game off, i get attacked at, at day, I do my best to spend my...