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  1. Top 12 Thread

    Vanguard ... lol... we could be rimed in one opp... we are friends of all .. holding hands with even QoQ and TBG btw William.. I was invited here from your leader... and just to be clear... I am not even a founder in Vanguard.

    WitchunterGeneral on 2018-10-28 at 08:53 I just worked through old contacts. A lot of your Roster have strong LOTR links so naturally I would rather help them . Tried very hard not to get too involved as this is only a training world for LOTR ( I had wife problems - hates the game with...
  3. Newspaper Edition 1: The Times Are A Changing

    I hope the emperor makes an appearance...
  4. R.I.P Tara!

    Enjoyed so many hours of great banter, lols and awesome team play with you Tara... you will be so missed!! :(... you were there in the real world for others... and in the game you were always there for us... an skilled player... and one of lifes real gems... RIP Mario our deepest sympathies are...
  5. Instead of trash... why not try something better??

    Saw an awesome post in FB today on political correctness... Which to be fair when defending children or the disadvantaged is a great concept! But as for the forums here... when people are offended they want to speak up and say "stop that" ... But most of us are actually quite happy to offend the...
  6. Instead of trash... why not try something better??

    I have been watching this server with interest... I kept out of it for a reason.. to create that interest, split teams.. challenge for all the players.. I have watched the growth and demise of many teams... but always looked with interest on the great players I know and respect whether on the...
  7. less and less people :(

  8. Abdera WW predictions

    Weasy was the rock that won this server for EN.
  9. Pnp Lack of Quality over Quantity

    Pago.. Thanks for your comments... Unfortunately I have seen poor comments from EN players which disappoint me, but such are the forums. And I also have to say in QoQ there are a few exceptional players like sloth, ash, clowder, etc ... There stats prove there strength. It's a pity we weren't...
  10. Pnp Lack of Quality over Quantity

    What an absolute load of piffle... Check out myonia... EN started with 12 players... Rho cap 100 EN only one alliance.. Play with only one alliance like QoQ did eh? Sure looked like it at the end.. Never seen a more simming team of "never have beens"...With the queen of simming leading the...
  11. Pnp Lack of Quality over Quantity

    Wasn't EN in sinope... That's the difference
  12. Abdera WW predictions

    Can't even be magnanimous in defeat? ....Eviction Notice has taken more cities off QoQ than lost... Great alliance destroyers...Great ocean takers.. Great city takers.. And great team in a combined effort on a tactical build process..
  13. Abdera WW predictions

    4th completed... Eviction Notice wins another world.. Toughest enemies yet.. Toughest server... Running second for most and we did to the top alliance what no other group have have ever done to us... Still beat them
  14. Abdera WW predictions

    Gardens done... 6 to go... 3 filled and building ... 3 to fill... So 3-5 days approx to go till all completed... But the QoQ opp might slow it down a tad... Which is kinda exciting!
  15. Pnp Lack of Quality over Quantity

    Deluded minds that think we will win... Will be interesting to see how deluded we are.. Dim has made no claim to leadership that I am aware of as well? .. But he is a great team player!
  16. So.. Where do Players stand on spies? - PART 2

    Ditto on the reputation ... Great discussion that is trying to be scuttled Brir.. I don't like spies, and I don't like those that do actual rule infractions, one is illegal... The other isn't, If you mock my team and we are at war... I will win.. Breaking an another teams morale is the best...
  17. So.. Where do Players stand on spies?

    The facts show history generally reviles spies... I am no different. Top ten spies from Google history only has one theoretical heroine... And she is American ... who writes the history... Nine losers one winner ... I am the same as those odds ... I 9/10 hate them. We know that QoQ have full...
  18. So.. Where do Players stand on spies?

    An interesting view I have is that in game we have an actual spy players on the high morale ground obviously would never use this I guess.. Paying the silver and have a looksee.. Now in a greater scale life it's self is full of examples of spies... And if you are American you have...
  19. Abdera WW predictions

    EN are all on level 8... And have been for ages... 9's all coming up QoQ are 6 wonders on level 7 and Hanging Gardens on 8. QoQ had a lead on Gardens at level 7.... But alas tis gone...
  20. Abdera WW predictions

    How all the predictions going now... Any new ones? ... Apart from the obvious which is EN wins all