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  1. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

    Hi folks, Just dropping past my old haunt of Grepolis to wish everyone from my playing days and indeed all you new comers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes. FYI - I played on various worlds, but my main world was Theta - old gen, long since closed. They dont make em...
  2. Inactive Topic Chat Feature(s)

    Hmm, Ive not dropped past the Grepo forums for a long time, I visited today for a trip down memory lane (I dont play)... hello to anyone who remembers me, and hi to anyone who doesnt as well actually :-) It is funny to see that the issue of a chat system is STILL, ongoing. The ideas archive...
  3. Inactive Topic Sea Storm spell functionality not working as described

    I would say absolutely no way to this idea. One of the funniest and most satisfying experiences in Grepolis is casting a sea storm on your enemies foolishly unprotected CS attack, and taking out the CS, particularly if you would otherwise have lost the city :) I think the description, while...
  4. Inactive Topic Grepolis Hall of Fame

    I think in principle it is a great idea to compare stats accross worlds... but in practice given different modes and speeds and alliance caps, it seems difficult to get any meaningful stats. Old worlds were where true grepolis greats played. These new worlds come and go faster than you can...
  5. Inactive Topic Message all players on an island

    Whats the rules here mods... mostly positive comments and a high thread rating... any chance of moving this little improvement along? Ev
  6. Inactive Topic Message all players on an island

    I dont see nothing wrong with a little *bump* and grind. I think this is a good wee improvement, others seem to think so as well. Please if you like the idea, let us know with a post and rate for the thread :) Ev
  7. Get Rid of God Supporting

    I say no to this idea. Big time. There is a skill in managing support at various levels. As a player requesting it. As a player sending it. As a leader managing it. Just one small part of that skill, is not sending the wrong myth units! I have occassionally experienced this issue, but rarely...
  8. Inactive Topic World Data Deletion Button

    NO. I really cannot see a reason for this idea. The times this could be useful are few and far between, its not worth it for the minority of people who happen to want to delete their account and start again. There are already ways to do that as has been explained. Also, hacking happens more...
  9. Cohort seems to be destroy.......??

    I was not arguing about it, I was amused by this old thread and was moved to post. NWO were just a small part of the TC history I mentioned. Of course you are entitled to your opinion regarding the NWO vs TC war. But the fact is, NWO lost unequivocally, regardless of the circumstances :) Ev
  10. Inactive Topic Message all players on an island

    I feel I have already explained what this function would be used for. Players with cities on islands are allies, pacted or neutrals, whatever, there may be cause to mail people on a specific island(s) on occassion. I'll try to go into a bit more detail... The most obvious is support, either...
  11. Inactive Topic Message all players on an island

    Thanks for the support and plus reps peeps, remember to rate the thread and anyone out there that likes this please post your support here :) Looks positive so far, hopefully we can get this moved to development and onward to voting ASAP :) Ev
  12. Tc pickes a side

    Just reading a few old threads, brings a smile to my face, the good ole days :) This has been an enjoyable trip down memory lane. Ev
  13. Inactive Topic Message all players on an island

    In respect of this improvement, that comment is not relevant. Because you can only create a limited amount of recipient lists for mass mail - in case anyone has not noticed, there are thousands of islands. I have already mentioned ways you can contact everyone on an island, all involve...
  14. Inactive Topic Dissolve alliance

    If the idea is to make it harder for one crackpot idiot - who likes to negatively affect the enjoyment of a game for hundreds of people around the world in an alliance... then I am in favour of it. Anyone who does that is seriously lacking in moral fibre, we all play for fun, friend or foe, no...
  15. Inactive Topic Message all players on an island

    Sup peeps, simple idea... Proposal:Create a "message island" function in game. This would allow you to quickly mass mail all players who have cities on a specific island, with minimum hassle. Reason: Many times I have wanted to or needed to message every player on a specific island - this can...
  16. Passed Cancelable Colonisations

    Yeah, good idea. Ive never made this mistake but I can see how it could happen. Ev
  17. Cohort seems to be destroy.......??

    Superblob2 seems to still be playing in Zakros if you want to contact him. He was with TC right to the end, a great player and a friend. Ev ps, Hellion, what a hillarious chap... Just reading his last comment there, even now after all this time I cannot help but chuckle at just how foolish...
  18. Inactive Topic Idea ~ Territorial Payouts

    If this gets passed I will eat my hat (note: my hat is made of chocolate). But apart from that I would say yes, give us more free gold please :) Ev
  19. Inactive Topic Confirmation box attacking an alliance member.

    Decent idea and useful. Yes. Ev
  20. Passed New medal: Supporter of the day.

    I collaborate by saying the idea is great and should be implemented pronto, simple and worthwhile idea - they are often the best :) Ev