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  1. Dark Energy

    Aside from jabba being the leader i think this is just great! lol he cracks very easy under pressure and doesnt really make the greatest decisions when it comes too pacts and alliances. But hey only time will tell if these issues get ironed out and he becomes better.
  2. Very sad attack reports

    post the most pathetic report from people attacking you here. lets have a laugh.
  3. Pnp PB back on top

    I have to say that TVG is trying to fight and everything but its just not working out too well.
  4. Important Competitions

    Everyone could send SMALL swordsman attacks that gives Bp to the winner. or we could have a gifted city or something.
  5. Wars

    Yup. how are the snoop troops? any wars with them? PB?
  6. Wars

    So what kind of Wars are goin on? I know that P.B. is against everybody. The varangian guard from what i hear isnt doin a whole lot. so whats it like out there?
  7. New Auto Updating Maps

    Gotta love how *THE ONE* is stuck in the middle of R.E. and you can hardly see em.
  8. Pnp More Fun on the rim

    Haha thats awesome! Gotta love total noobs who dont know anything bout the game. He probly believed you bout the cookies aswell. Roflcopter.
  9. Any Alliances in Ocean 53

    Trust me man i know. ive been around grepolis for a long time. been in some alliances that were absolutly terrible. back in gamma i was in a group thatturned into a massive farm for the grepohugs. that really kinda sucked.
  10. Any Alliances in Ocean 53

    The Roman Empire is in Oc 53. fairly small but pretty intelligent players