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  1. Silver-Eyed Lion King

    Deepest cave

    [SPAM] [CHILL] [NON-TOXIC] Who has the deepest cave? Let's start small, 1 000 000?!
  2. Silver-Eyed Lion King

    Players to watch out

    As the topic say, i'm new in this server, so, i would like to know what players do you think gonna be on top, being points or attk points. 27/01/18 -16:15 Current top 10: (points) 1. Packprowler 2. Miniboo 3. HunKiller 4. jredge 5. SlothTzu 6. jinsl001 7. londonfred 8. Zoot 9. IRGR8RU 10...
  3. Silver-Eyed Lion King

    "Chop chop"

    Hey, My name is Silver-Eyed Lion King ( or Rigardo), nah i'm joking, got into character, Luciano is my name, never played on net, just pt.grepolis, Alpha player, oldy :-) Looking for a fun aliance to play, experience players, siege mode/conquer mode. Waiting for the next conquer mode world...