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  1. what is the best way to use gold to accelerate growth in early stages of a world?

    I'd say either senate then the resources (stone - wood - silver in that order) although getting academy to lvl 10 or 13 is also a "must" do the discount on cost (lvl 10) and time (lvl 13) if you have the money to spend you can gold that too, but it usually goes pretty quickly
  2. Pnp No Honor,No nothing!

    if you want my attention, you can always send me a message in game. No need to be so public about it sheesh:oops:
  3. Treasure Troves: Conquer a Mod!

    get democracy max acadamy to 36 and then demo senate to lvl 9 while you’re at it
  4. Treasure Troves: Conquer a Mod!

    Library best building confirmed new meta incoming Thermal Baths < Library
  5. Waiting for fast Conq world...

    en138 is revolt…
  6. Spartan Assassins Summer 2021 Feedback Thread

    I spent 50 gold a day so either should play lottery or you're talking out of your ***
  7. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    which is why I suggest removing shared reservations. if people still want to hug let them, but it will be funny to see them get mad at each other for killing each other's cs
  8. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    this is actually a very good idea, remove ability for clans to easily communicate between each other by removing shared forums and reservations
  9. activity bar

  10. Easy recruiting of troops from farming villages

    just use bot lol
  11. Question Missing Army

    check your island quests, you may have sent them there as support and forgot to pull them if that isn't it maybe check your latest report? maybe they all died

    ah yes you shall now drive home after work, not knowing the speed limit. because the law states "don't drive too fast, or too slow" good luck with that. the "just under the limit" excuse is bullshit. If I'm allowed to drive 15 mph, and I drive 14,9 I shouldn't get a ticket either. if "just...
  13. Last Message Wins - Eleven

    glad to hear