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  1. Ready to cry

    waiting for the next great coalition to emerge and limit its own growth because they don't attack anything
  2. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    Gold is not required to make you quit. You quit at the first sign of trouble.
  3. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    You don't actually know what it's like to be attacked by fiasco since you just quit/ghost the second one attack is sent to you
  4. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    well yeah theres you first mistake
  5. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    Don would definitely like to cum with you
  6. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    We are coming for you @Wossat
  7. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Jasper you forget the part where War angel also uses gold right before ghosting on his teammates
  8. Pre-World Milos Discussion Thread

    The game favors attackers are you high?
  9. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    My gold spending is ok but yours is not. Insta buying is wrong unless I'm buying flyers from events. If I have ten revolts against me I actually believe it's feasible to move a level 20 christopholus to each one to build a wall and never gold a wall. I could have come back to the server and been...
  10. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Can't ever get tired of War Angels incoherent nonsensical repetitive ramblings with multiple spelling and grammar errors....oh wait no I can get tired of that
  11. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Clearly you didn't hear @DapperDon21 complain about being gold locked today
  12. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Yes very much preferred to player with you then against
  13. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    You forgot about saying we're botters to. Sheesh people don't even know how to accuse Fiasco of things anymore
  14. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    You and @Red-Haired Shanks should hang out
  15. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    haven't heard this 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times But its always ok when other alliances use gold
  16. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    135. Ya'll didn't play that one so can't fault your ignorance I guess
  17. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    nah fiasco is trash. bunch of botters, simmers and golders. Especially that guy @DapperDon21
  18. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    First we get accused of hugging....eventually we get accused of golding. Its basically a repetitive cycle now