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  1. milocece

    En 82 Should Be...

    Don't start a premade mauw;)
  2. milocece


    This is reminding me of The Culling recruitment tab back in the acropolis
  3. milocece

    Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Pebble is letting us have a new one so please keep it spam and profanity free or else we won't be allowed any more sink or swims on this world
  4. milocece

    Announcement This Is Your Pilot Speaking

    Should we open a new top 12? I miss seeing it. If we do we have to keep it on task though
  5. milocece

    Pacted or NAP, who in Top12?
  6. milocece

    Ally, War, Disband

    Ally: coming soon War: Danish Division Disband: THE GANG ----------------------- IMMORTAL EMPIRE Inferno Crimson Rebels
  7. milocece

    Top 12 Top 12 SINK OR SWIM

    Especially when that active thread is mainly pointless arguing between two alliances
  8. milocece

    AC04's Auto-Updating Maps

    I can't believe the core isn't even full yet
  9. milocece

    Pnp The Culling

    Politics and Propaganda.
  10. milocece

    Pnp The Culling

    Even though you still say Mauw was the problem which I totally agree with, I still don't think you guys have a good chance to win
  11. milocece

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I love all the top twelves. + rep
  12. milocece

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Thats crazy!! which world?
  13. milocece

    Sinope Superlatives

    Worst Alliance name has to go to Spartans. How much more generic could you get?
  14. milocece

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    In my opinion the two biggest targets in the world are Mauw and O Orador
  15. milocece

    Daily Comp

    I entered and sent it in to you and have the favor for a spell but I can't cast because youre still under bp
  16. milocece

    Sinope Superlatives

    It's a little early for this, but this is for when the world has been open a couple of weeks. I saw this in a world I played a while ago and thought it would be fun Alliance Superlatives: Best MRA: Worst MRA: Best Warriors: Best Defenders: Most Laughable Attackers: Best Profile: Best...
  17. milocece

    The Culling - World 81 Premade

    Inferno is going on
  18. milocece

    The Culling - World 81 Premade

    Earlier in the thread you said you gave Arau permission to send the invites. So which is it you did or didn't tell Arau to do it
  19. milocece

    The Culling - World 81 Premade

    Then you go and take shelter in another alliance?
  20. milocece

    The Culling - World 81 Premade

    You realize that you thought Arau was going to leave a while ago so you took the lead and still even if there are three founders then those three founders should sink with the alliance that they couldn't lead and ran in to the ground