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  1. Grepolis Battleship Guess Thread

    A1 please
  2. Greatest Grepo Alliances of All Time

    Rooster, you still around??? Cool, you will support me in your own crazy statements that The Death Crusaders were the greatest alliance ever "...Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne*?..." HAPPY 2014!
  3. Pnp Milestone: First CS killed.... BEFORE BP ends.

    I never joke with iCyber Stroumpch are my natural allies :P
  4. Winners and Losers

    :P I thought this game had changed from pure battle/defensive points game to a more sofisticated strategy with these island wonders and such...guess I was wrong
  5. Which player would you bring back if you could?

    The Princess who ran Evo I II III, she was a cute blond ;)
  6. No Honor no Glory

    A simmer and a sinner, Darky :) But I always look with raised head into my Council leaders and my alliance and coalition friends! StephanosV aka Icarus XIII aka gabigabi (and old 'iota' warrior)
  7. No Honor no Glory

    Outsiders WHO DON'T EVEN PLAY ON THIS WORLD (like P.Piper) are defending Venom for being ganged up on, so someone should tell them to shut their mouth From our point of view, we are the good guys and we're demonizing Venom for having no diplomacy and being the bad guys. From their point of...
  8. Grepolis United: Videocasts Discussion Thread 2

    As anyone noticed how those French pronounce the word 'Heros' like Euros - LOL
  9. Goodbye Grepolis..the game

    Enya's birthday today, with love ,
  10. Goodbye Grepolis..the game

    "It was hot, the night we burnt Chrome" William Gibson
  11. How long?

    Wonders of the Worlds :eek: And where does this Stephano name come in? It sound like Berlusconi party You can call me StephanosV, Icarus XIII, gabigabi, or simply Steven
  12. How long?

    Maybe it is time to start looking at THIS player again ---> :o
  13. Just a reminder

    I have played with gold in my past (not now), but I can indeed confirm that I have seen magic things by players without it. :) One technique it seemed was to keep the cities 'light' (i.e. invest resources only in the necessary levels of research and building), and invest resources in good...
  14. Riding Solo

    You have more to claim than I do, I'm only Iota man I've been away for awhile Tips on the generation gap always welcome too :Pro:
  15. Riding Solo

    Don't get intimidated by these guys - you actually can go a long way solo (been there before), at one stage you'll have to find an alliance, but usually it make no difference until you have at least 2 cities (colonize empty post on own island, colonize ghost very close). This game is a game of...
  16. So I found out that...

    I am quite alive and kicking on Paros, as we speak :P
  17. Best and Worst of Paros

    I lived some time in Brasil, and just love these magical stories and Candomble rituals from Bahia. Sigar smoking big ladies sending magic goat and chicken armies to destroy enemies :D I would advice the Venom alliance players to get some culture first and build a Library, and look up Jorge...
  18. Under the Plane tree - A place in the shade

    Laughing - Glad you enjoyed :) yes, you can actually see the Turkish coast from the island. Maybe the flag thing is a bit like the alliance flag in Grepolis :P
  19. Under the Plane tree - A place in the shade

    I once had the good luck to visit real the Earth world island of Kos. It is very famous for the place where the ancient Greek Hippocrates made the foundation for Western medicinal approaches, and also what could be considered the first hospital (ruins can be visited on the hill side outside Kos...
  20. Looking for old friend Moncico

    An old and dear friend from iota world, who also was/is active here. Just on the off chance, someone still reads here and knows of his current whereabouts, can you ask him to contact me via PM system here :) You can mention my Grepolis aliases - stephanosV Icarus XIII and gabigabi :cool...