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  1. diomedes666

    Summer Grepolympia Feedback Thread

    Lots of us love this shoddy old MMO, if you wanna rehash the same events over and over please make sure: A) It works on time, on every server. B) The information in the links (provided by inno wikis) is correct. You could even include a wiki link specific to each game speed/server type? Why...
  2. diomedes666

    Nature's Wheel of Time Discussion Thread

    Can you do us all a favour here and get rid of these crappy spin the wheel events. You are selling a product, let people choose what they buy! Is like a fairground stall, which is rigged to loose with a small chance of getting what you want. By the time you get 'the prize' it would have been...
  3. diomedes666

    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    I disagree mate - experienced players just want to win easily and avoid competition. That's why 1,2,3 and 5 are not fighting each other. maybe they will later once nothing else is any real competition. Until then it will be the same as every other server.
  4. diomedes666

    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    I wonder what the top 12 could be, the 12 golden, blamed, avengers and sidekicks are winning? Inno create a whole new end game and yet it is exactly the same as every other server. Huge pre fabs holding hands and telling themselves how great they are... Come on people drop your pacts and have...
  5. diomedes666

    Sparta Vs Hades Feedback Thread

    Hey, Can anyone tell me if Democritus works with the event rewards? Have had a 100% miss ratio for doubling so far. In regard to the event, it's good, just need to balance the rewards. They have been cut to hard. Decrease the overall frequency of the events and bump up the rewards slightly...
  6. diomedes666

    Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Interesting and thanks TKJ. Though i would put 4 as SINK unless they can manage to get any kind of direction and some solid leadership. Will get eaten by the gods and bloods.
  7. diomedes666

    Halloween Event Feedback

    FAO Forum mod. I am using the Ritual: Chain Lightning spell and do not get any report on damaged units, just tells me what building i have effected. Is this right? If it does not confirm unit losses then it's pretty pointless. Are there other rewards that are not shown in the recipes...
  8. diomedes666

    Newspaper Lapithos Weekly #3 edition

    Nice work, would be good to see some more of the interviews. I have been away from the server for a few months so is really cool to get an overview like this, thanks! My history is a little hazy, but didn't the war between the knights/ requiem and BD start due to BD merging with an alliance...
  9. diomedes666

    Perfect Storm?

    Perfect farm perhaps would be a better alliance name. 57 even has an academy. First alliance to make one of these MRA's fold gets a bag of peanuts and bragging rights.....
  10. diomedes666

    Top 12 Alliances

    En73 would be far more interesting if the top 10 odd alliances were battling it out rather than having this 'world war' scenario, is kinda what you would expect towards the end of a server - not at the start. Is very droll and seriously not worth getting angry over. Liven up the server...
  11. diomedes666

    Rate The Player Above You

    Today, 12:28 Commander Cuddles ... Points: 9/ 10 In the top 100 - 22k Alliance:10/ 10 4th in points - 1st in abp ABP: 9/ 10 solid DBP:7 / 10 abp/dbp ratio of 10:1 - i guess a 7 as there are very few that would attack so kinda works... Location: 8/ 10 SE of 55. 43/50 - Nice Have fun judging...
  12. diomedes666

    Top 12 Alliances

    Well so far there are 5 alliances attacking HA - Most of the dpbs are overstated - being attacked by biremes, transports without escort full of troops and defense troops has been a ball.... We have taken 3 cities from this coalition and lost zero - though i expect they are trying to ask or...
  13. diomedes666


    Looks good so far, alliances that are selective in recruitment will always have the edge as they will not be wasting loads of time explaining the basics to new players. The real ranking is abps so i think this speaks for itself. 1 Insidious 9682 2 Hells Angels 3169 3 Gods of War...
  14. diomedes666

    Top 12 Lamia Alliances innit :)

    Thanks for the mention, please have no concern on our behalf regarding how good we are at fighting. The hasty stroke often goes astray, victory loves preparation.
  15. diomedes666

    Comedy alliance of the year - the Celtics

    Fair play. just enjoyed winding these folk up. Should be done privately rather than in public forums.
  16. diomedes666

    Comedy alliance of the year - the Celtics

    Beyond belief - i gave up and there was nothing at all in my city. Yet your own alliance leader RobertM320 managed to kill the cs that your alliance sent. :o Give up, stick to milk and cookies.
  17. diomedes666

    Comedy alliance of the year - the Celtics

    Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say. 192 cities in my ocean and you can't take out one 5k city. Has been fun being attacked by biremes, archers,swordsmen and lots of troops with no ls. If i am a fraud then why did your cs and 25 odd attacks fail? You really should not have players...
  18. diomedes666

    Comedy alliance of the year - the Celtics

    - Judging by the title of this thread and my comments i would have thought the answer would be evident, the alliance is like fitting wheels to a tomato - TIME CONSUMING AND UTTERLY POINTLESS. - Historically not true, you were ranked 2nd in ocean until the leader of the spartan alliance disolved...
  19. diomedes666

    Comedy alliance of the year - the Celtics

    http:// an example of a senior knight from the alliance with 3 cities. The next title is confusing is 'marquis of defense' - who has never been attacked! http:// the marquis of...
  20. diomedes666

    Comedy alliance of the year - the Celtics

    These guys are beyond hilarious - i have never seen an internal power structure like this! Quite how they are ranked 8th is beyond reason.... Important: Ranking important 1 2 Edge Eblan 2012-02-10 16:51 The Noble Class: Emperor: Ruler of the entire Celtic Empire. King: Elected by the...