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  1. Top 10 - (before first temples)

    im good with it as long as its not @jack9r9 selfie.. jack will demoralized team
  2. Pre-World Acherontia Discussion Thread

    well said tommy xD
  3. Pnp True Fear(Back Stabbers)

    not only languange people dont understand ur way of thinking, cause u thinking in reverse lol
  4. T8KVR

    Yea u dont care, sure thing Pfft..
  5. T8KVR

    LOL what are u smoking?? scroll up please, its u guys who focus on crown by sending pm in discord begging for someone to become a traitor so u can get the crown and yea, Shock getting Shocked.. alr activate vm the moment they are ruined cant handle the truth.. all the cheats and all the...
  6. T8KVR

    So much for cheaters Doing all the dirty efforts Getting banned and not getting the crown Pfft..
  7. T8KVR

    Pfft.. They are ruined now
  8. Crashes and sloots

  9. The Round Table

    The Round Table Application is officially open now
  10. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    The Legend Says Romanians will drop another 4 fake alliance to win against EN p.s @redhairedshanks u are really a full package, a whiner and complainer, u should just zip it and deal with it, go play sims city XC
  11. Beginners Protection

    how to cancel bp when everyone is in BP ? any thought?
  12. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    respect for u charlie, i'm trying to find a new hooby and get back my relation IRL.. Good luck for u and the team, may ur suffering pay off another trophy
  13. top 12 sink or swim

    Well Said Pete LOL ROFL
  14. Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    lol nice reading