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  1. Venomm

    World chat discord

    just press edit invite link
  2. Venomm

    Wheel of Battle 2024 Feedback Thread

    So, second time event similar like this appear and they always give Soteria's Shrine. Why Ares Rage didn't appear in the event anymore? I believe people will interested with that :confused:
  3. Venomm

    Proposal Extended Inventory

    you can raise a ticket to mods and just said you want to transfer or keep your rewards for another worlds you play in the future. Just remember to use it before 6 months after you raise a ticket though.
  4. Venomm

    Feedback thread Winter Grepolympia

    best event for get a good buff and to see how better your alliances contribution, but I hope the event shop not only filled with only 1 or 2 best item(worse is trash shop).
  5. Venomm

    Pre-World Acherontia Discussion Thread

    I know, but since it's end already we can said fast cq world isn't exist rn(maybe they'll exist after Easter)
  6. Venomm

    Pre-World Acherontia Discussion Thread

    Despite the reward is good (athena cornucopia), but really there's no fast conquest world for this winter? :oops: And is this a joke? Alliance limit is 35 and settings is oly instead ww/dom?
  7. Venomm

    Top 12 Top 10

    Viktor Megacorp will win this world
  8. Venomm

    Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    Short explanation, he write that because he found a guy having 45k dlu and 100 dogs in that guy city(city owner is reds for erik). still, I must give respect because first time I see someone write this much in grepo MM(Mass Message) (outside top 8, 12, etc)
  9. Venomm

    New Hybrid App - Bug reporting and feedback

    one of the problem that still interesting is you'll have very hard time for golding in the new app. I see that the captcha is sometime solved in a long time, meaning that when we solved the captcha thing the golds is already gone and if there's another golds in the market you'll need to solved...
  10. Venomm

    Conquer a Mod for Gold

    so is this still valid anymore? :oops: :oops:
  11. Venomm

    Pre-World Zaforas

    I smell my 70k golds from market here :cool: Anyway GLHF whoever playing this worlds
  12. Venomm

    Pre-World Zaforas

    Before I played in en144, I remember there's a vote pooling about what is en144 will be based on players choice. Question is, where're the vote now? Is en144 is the last world that based from vote?
  13. Venomm

    Top 12 TOP 7 with 7 months remaining

    Interesting to see Undead big guy ghost and rogues gets so many new members. Can't wait what surprise awaits in the future:confused:
  14. Venomm

    New World Vote?

    World Type: Revolt End Game: World Wonders Speed: 5/6 or 3/4 Alliance Limit: 50-70 Morale: Inactive Hephaestus Blessing: Active
  15. Venomm

    Top 12 TOP 7 with 7 months remaining

    I like this. Really love with guy that spend his time for making a top alliance with a good colour
  16. Venomm

    Unused units - We could make a refreshing update to this game.

    For all of that I'm only agree with trireme part. Most of the time I meet tris nuke the bp ratio they give is very very bad. They can't even face full ls nuke and can't even break 400 birs *without full buff*. Maybe it have little useful in frontline but personally I'll never ever make it. SO I...
  17. Venomm

    Top 12 Top 10 - 1 Day out (BP Finish)

    I feel this is only sarcasm. @GoYutoPro where's the 2nd part? And stop hiding bro. I still owe you 2k golds:confused:
  18. Venomm

    One gold free world

    I doubt that world will even exist, because most of the players here is free to play peoples(except for some big spender I know). And even some of guys I know too that spends their money for this game only do it for GA(Great Arming). They're very rare want to spends their money for buying golds...