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  1. Top 10 - (before first temples)

    You should use this one if you want to compare IKAG vs OV. Newcomers will need time to grow up and gain experiences against IKAG. Stats never tell lies, it depends on the way you use it. Fortunately, they joined us and we are happy about that. This world is interesting now hehe.
  2. Searching for old alliances and the Black Pirates

    What happened to him? I couldn't read all he wrote, my bad :(
  3. Top 10 - (before first temples)

    OV/BS Councils surprised everyone in the game and this world looks more interesting and complicated now :D A lot more plot twists to come till the end of this world. Really interesting! Please anyone with good writing skills update the situation now :D
  4. Top 10 - (before first temples)

    Things here are OV/BS/SS took 4 LT, IKAG/No Idea/20MN took 4 LT. Birdbabies took nothing and would fall soon. Joshmon's gone to VM, jruotolo's left, some members are being hunted and would leave soon. The final battle should be between IKAG-and-the-whole-world vs. OV/BS/SS. Stats showed that...
  5. Top 10 - (before first temples)

    Bird babies will learn how to grow up soon. Let's see what they could do in the future.