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  1. Pre-World Zaforas

    and where is the movie?
  2. End Game - Still Long way to go

    and in the world of Milos, you complained that there are more Romanians and you don't take them out and that 100 Gypsies bend the top players of the euro server and there you also teamed up, if I'm not mistaken, with the reds and there were completely different speeches, maybe it's not about the...
  3. Pre-World Zaforas

    The Marvels?
  4. Zaforas Premades

    and why is it possible to get into a strong team from the forum like this?
  5. Pre-World Zaforas

    the world has not yet begun and the tears of losers have flooded it
  6. New World Vote?

    ww for farmers, especially since it has been repeatedly proven that local collectives do not know how to build them
  7. New World Vote?

    I would like to see a: Revolt only domination speed from 3 to 5
  8. Fiasco United vs Sons of Dracula

    so alone that the def fiasco was caught in the cities of the banda with which the fiasco did not have a pact, by the way, and then the def of your brothers from Compton was caught in the cities of the banda that you heroically defended from us, just alone that the fiasco banda and compton...
  9. Ready to cry

    If I were less well-mannered and tactful, I would call you an idiot, but fortunately for you, I will not stoop to this
  10. Ready to cry

    ahaha so pathetic
  11. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    if suddenly such a meeting happens, it may happen that we will also come too much we like the *** of the daperdog, i only speak in my name,but i m sure that our liders agree the idea