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  1. Update to Version 2.220 Discussion Thread

    The whole concept of Low Morale was to give players new to Grepo a time to learn and grow without loosing their new city(ies) straight away. It did not take long before alliances saw the advantages and we had the LMD. At the same time we got hit by some bright developers idea of small cap...
  2. Milestones Congratulations to OCEANS VETERANS

    Thank you. We tried something new and it worked. A hard start founding each and every city in our core but the effort was worth it. Would we do it again? I dont know
  3. TKF's Alliance Power Rankings: Wonder Edition

    I have a hippo to feed.. have you any idea what a beast that size can eat in a day?
  4. TKF's Alliance Power Rankings: Wonder Edition

    Kitten you have played with OV before, you should have known us better.
  5. Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    All for it.
  6. Spartan Assassins 2020 Feedback Thread

    Thank you
  7. Spartan Assassins 2020 Feedback Thread Is this broke or being kept a secret on purpose?
  8. Is this dead? What's happening in OCEAN VETERANS vs BALKAN BOYZ? World News anyone?

    The Mighty Balkans are beating 7 kinds of brown stuff out of the peaceful farmers of OV:
  9. HELP Me Please! Lost My Account....

    I suspect you are on 2 different servers. Himera is English. Both Dion and Dorylaion are no longer available to start in US server has Dimale open. You cant use the same account on both servers so one was blocked
  10. TKF's Power Rankings Edition 3: Irruducibili Coalition Falls, Bunnies Building, OCEANS VETERANS Tested

    Yes it is and hopefully it stays Ok but that is not in our power.
  11. TKF's Power Rankings Edition 3: Irruducibili Coalition Falls, Bunnies Building, OCEANS VETERANS Tested

    I rarely post on externals but yesterday I had a heart warming experience with BWN and I feel that something as positive as that should be mentioned. I have played with and against many of their players over the years and have never thought of them as serial cheaters. Something I cant say about...
  12. Pre-World Himera Discussion Thread

    oops Early warning message.. World not open yet
  13. Update to Version 2.192 Discussion Thread

    Right now I feel more sorry for Baudin and Richard. They must dread updates as much as we do. Have we ever had an update that has worked without breaking something else? I cant remember one. Yet year in year out they do their job. Thank you to both of you
  14. Update to Version 2.191 Discussion Thread

    Sorry Folks but I prefer to see the whole page
  15. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    That may even be a small advantage. Some players are reluctant to accept gold directly but would likely be glad of extra resources so they can sell to gold exchange.
  16. Attack of the Hydra Feedback Thread

    I did not see any way to continue past the burn heads. I did 30 min swords when online and at bedtime a 4 hour run.
  17. Attack of the Hydra Feedback Thread

    Sadly over far to quickly. Was enjoying the extra favour.
  18. Discord World Chat

    World settings: Game speed: 3 Unit speed: 4 Trade speed: 4 Beginners protection: 7 Days Alliance limit: 60 Conquer system: Revolt City Foundation Time: 12 Hours Morale: Active Endgame: Domination Yes I am wondering too
  19. Deepest cave

    It was Rhammas 2014. OV had 2 caves. The first was drained by Venom at once. ( they also got 2) The other we held till the end of the world. The cave city holder was a very busy person and it was a major pain in the butt. We ended up taking turns at holding the cave city