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  1. Newspaper The Pylos Papers ~ Issue 2

    Kurbads calling other players spammers is the ultimate height of hypocrisy lmao. It's basically the only thing he does in this game
  2. What did killed this server ?

    seems like BWNW finally got what they deserved :)
  3. What did killed this server ?

    @TheBOTStan they're calling you again
  4. What did killed this server ?

    I also want to chime in once again with my two cents about everything. First things first. About Hellenic. This started with the CREATION alliance in 44 which were fighting IT as well. Revolli, one of our players was located in that area and had good relations with them. Because creation got...
  5. What did killed this server ?

    Don't give yourselves too much credit lmao
  6. New God Ares Feedback Thread

    Ares needed to be changed, but these applying these changes into worlds that have been playing with Ares for months will just disrupt the worlds too much. Strategies revolving around Ares are all useless now. People have been playing for months that way and changing it now will kill servers like...
  7. What did killed this server ?

    Thunder started violating the pact by taking cities in 45. Then you took in Innocent Tyranny, which we were fighting for months. I've never seen bigger provocations of war than this.
  8. trash talk

    Nobody knows
  9. top 10

  10. top 10

    Tbh, Ladon's raw power isn't that bad, build a lot of swords with Odysseus and you'll hold a lot of them; their biggest strength is their favour efficiency and their speed. With a well positioned ladon city, you can snipe basically every single cs that the enemy sends at your cities, assuming...
  11. Update to Version 2.240 Discussion Thread

    Seems like the Spartoi bug is already fixed in simulator?
  12. trash talk

    In 136. And he's still active in 134 too.
  13. trash talk

    neither was an attackable ban. They both logged in. Vali ghosted manually and Pepas logged back in, but quit right after
  14. trash talk

    make up your mind, us or bwnw?
  15. trash talk

    They were both unbanned lol
  16. trash talk

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH The pot calling the kettle black He wasn't lmao. Everyone from Vox that joined us hates his guts. Also, you're accusing us of spying? Once again, the pot calling the kettle black
  17. top 10

    Why does everyone want to pact against us? We just wanna sim :(
  18. top 10

    oh they are in group two as well, don't worry
  19. Tyche's Wheel of Fortune Feedback Thread

    hey look, what's that? 100 sharpy bois :eek: