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  1. Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    Shergar, Red Rum & Bree Hee Hinny Brinny Hoohy Hah
  2. The Prophet

    As I had said previously, Congrats to the Cuddle crew. A deserved win. However, the assumption that we (OV) were working with TF is incorrect.
  3. Congratulations Cuddles

    Congratulations to the Cuddle crew on the wonders stage of the world. Well organised win.
  4. Top 12 Top 12!

    All I got from that was Helen Lovejoy saying "Ohhh lord, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!" You crack me up Red :cool:
  5. Top 12 Top 12!

    We were in the same alliance then! (or at least the same coalition) It was a salty suzie that killed the last wonder after having a major sulk. He was not a very popular guy lol.
  6. Top 12 Top 12!

    Jeeeez! That was stopped after Zancle (wasn't it??). It seems that some people haven't played Wonders for some time.
  7. The next to disband

    That is true that there is generally always internals before WW starts but that is usually 2-3 weeks before wonders. But in the case he pointed out the leavers right before it happened. Plus he specifically pointed out that it would be within the Cuddle clan and the reason why which to be fair...
  8. The next to disband

    This ---> "master spy is actually master lie" & "You really have no idea" It seems he didn't lie and clearly does have his finger on the pulse. Just saying ;)
  9. The next to disband

    I think the phrase you were really looking for is "doh!" Master Spy aka Oracle of Zancle did a number on you there Ranga. I take it the meal for two, bubble bath and scented candles is off the menu now?
  10. The next to disband

    You two need to get a room. One with mood lights, pink shades and a bubble bath. The big question is, who will be the taker?
  11. The next to disband

    Yep, mass VM is spot on. I was already in VM (recovering from a knee op). Can back to an empty house lol. Only a few of us active. It was a busy time! If we had not been swapping testosterone, we could have agreed a pact and took on Skulls with a decent chance. Happy days! No wait... it was a...
  12. The next to disband

    Never happened Jimmy me lad! I seem to remember in Epidamnos (Angry Apples) we took around 200 of your cities to your 50. It was a good battle but we should have been allies earlier and taken it to the Skull & Bones crew. Besides, who said I was referring to you as being the deluded one? We may...
  13. The next to disband

    Love the banter, know the truth and one of you is severely deluded ;)
  14. The next to disband

    Personally, I like PC. Never had a problem with him, played with him as a team member and always found him to be fair and a decent player despite being enemies in this world. Its funny how opinions vary so wildly about other players.
  15. The next to disband

    There is only 1 stat that really matters at this point (for WW's) and that is the number of cities. After that it all about the commitment of the players who own them. There is no stat for that. TF & Co are winning that stat soooooo... the game is theirs to lose.
  16. Pnp Natural Desperation - RIP Astro Creep :(

    Breaking News! There has been a merger of two alliances before WW phase is due to start. You read it right people, a MERGER! Never seen that before. It is unprecedented, fantastical, absurdly monumental in the history of Grepolis. I need to go and lie down. This bombshell has given me...
  17. The next to disband

    But... you aren't in the RAMPANT RIMMERS alliance? So how is his post a reference to you? Hmmm :confused: Surely one of those stalking, fake accounts isn't you right? Freudian slip right there ;)
  18. Curious

    You are on the outer rim. You need to move North East of where you are now if you want any action.
  19. The next to disband

    Not going to happen... ;)
  20. The death of OV

    I'm sure you have been told countless times before dog; size isn't everything. "let the big kids talk" - yep, big kids... you nailed that one too :cool: In all honesty, I prostrate myself at the feet of all you Grepo masters & chiefs. You are everything I admire and wish to be. It is true that...