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  1. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 Dave's Top 12 thread

    Hmm, that's not how I remember it. You were down to one city after the Russians wiped the floor with you. I arranged all your takeovers until you were big enough to pretend to play alongside Fiasco. And the one James handed you took you six days to coordinate your revolt with your CS time...
  2. Ahr-Ex

    The Story of Asine

    Actually I agreed with a lot of what you said in the earlier post, which is why I liked it. However, I noticed that you didn't really respond to @NutsNBoltz question about whether this is a reasonable approach. It is a lot of hard work being a founder and being responsible both for your group...
  3. Ahr-Ex

    trash talk

    I thought it was supposed to be sarcastic
  4. Ahr-Ex

    1 click farming

    It's in there now. Reinstall your app to push the upgrade.
  5. Ahr-Ex

    The Kelendris Times Issue II

    wait, sunfyre's a dude?
  6. Ahr-Ex

    Trash Talk

    I never blamed Lana for deciding to join any team. I never blamed Lana for deciding to take VM away from the game. My only complaint is that she did not give me the same respect for making my own decisions. Clearly you have that same problem. But it's not my job to make you happy.
  7. Ahr-Ex

    Trash Talk

    @Lana98 and @SlipperyCuttlefish, I had a high opinion of you at one time. Unfortunately while the two of you were in VM for months on end, the rest of us were still slogging through that terrible world. Kind of hypocritical of you both to complain that we didn't stick around and do all the...
  8. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 Top 12

    This here be a very special "Talk Like a Pirate Day" top twelve, brought to you by True Pirates. 1 Broke Back Mountains -- Players: 47 Location: World core O44/45/54/55 Attackin'/Defendin'/Fightin' Ranks: 1 / 3 / 1 Current world leaders in size 'n battle points by a big margin. Although BBM...
  9. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 Pharae ~ Top 12 Sink or Swim ~

    Funny, I hear a whole bunch of you have spent the last two days trying to take one city in your core off one guy who didn’t even post for alliance support until the second day.
  10. Ahr-Ex

    Newspaper Trash talk with a newspaper at the start

    Gosh, I hope Ian didn't spend a lot of money on all the simming he did with us in 110. I only remember giving him cities to help him relocate, then he was pretty much inactive the rest of the server.
  11. Ahr-Ex

    Newspaper Trash talk with a newspaper at the start

    I’m the leadership of PC. If you track back, you would see that dozens of them have moved into the main team. Everyone gets the same chance, but the sad fact is that many people ask for invites and few really want to make the effort to learn to play. We don’t waste much time on those, and...
  12. Ahr-Ex

    Newspaper The Pharae times - issue 6 - written and edited by a hell hound

    FU's leaders left and gave us the keys. You will notice that we didn't keep many of them -- In fact, I think it's just itsbeenawhile. Right now I'm training some guys who may or may not earn invitations to TF. Absorbed, not merged.
  13. Ahr-Ex

    Newspaper The Pharae times - issue 6 - written and edited by a hell hound

    Let's be clear about something else. TF did one merge -- with Sit Down and Shut Up -- which has been the single best merge decision I've been involved in during my whole grep career. Thanks so much to pgalland25 , lana98, NotAs.Sweet, Captain Clownshoes, Kegsy, and so many others that will be...
  14. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 Pharae ~ Top 12 Sink or Swim ~

    I love that all the famous rappers have mentioned Bucks in their work.
  15. Ahr-Ex

    Player Council 2nd Term: Weekly Updates

    @Kal Gordon, I would like to thank you for all the time and effort that you put into this exercise in futility. You have made a very sincere effort to improve the game. Unfortunately, for player feedback to have any impact, Inno has to actually value it. I wish I thought they did.
  16. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    “Everyone else does it,” and “it’s impossible to win without doing it.” It should surprise no one that Poopstan uses the same argument preferred by athletes who use performance enhancing drugs. Still ruins the game.
  17. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    One of my favorite parts. All well said, OOC.
  18. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    This is funny, because we land in pretty much the same spot every world, regardless of who else is playing. Erik saying he doesn’t talk about James is even funnier. Read back a couple threads from the beginning and you will see who mentions who first.
  19. Ahr-Ex

    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    When Avengers asked if they could stop attacking us and attack you instead, we said "sure."