1. Shuri2060

    Petition to bring LMDs back

    Well after 3.5 yrs I can't believe I'm here doing this, but I would like to petition to bring siege morale back. After the recent changes to the game, I think it would now be a balanced mechanic to add back in.
  2. siege livefeeds being un-published

    In the past week we've encountered a bug multiple times where livefeeds in our forum went down as the siege was ongoing. The CS was neither pulled or killed. The cs driver just needed to republish it and the same bb started working again. It's confuses our alliance members a lot when feeds go...
  3. Cronus's noob faqs for Conquest worlds

    ok I have been working on these for a while. People in my alliance ingame love these and keep copying them to their desktops.. so figured I would share them with the general public. These are still a work in progress and I don't mind feedback. If you think something in here is wrong send me a pm...