1. en136 Creating a Premade Group

    Hello my fellow warriors! I've always returned to the game with no new worlds opening up, with settings I enjoyed at least. So my opportunity to live a dream of creating a team of fun, experienced players is finally arriving. I'm making this short and just putting my point out there that I would...
  2. Dracarys vs. Everybody

    So looks like there's only one premade... Someone has to step up to fight these premades, and I volunteer as tribute. Join Dracarys, and we will bring back the old Grepolis that we all loved. Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor. Maps used to say, “there be dragons here.” Now they don’t. But...
  3. Looking for premade in 123

    Hey, Looking for premade in 123. I’m a new player willing to learn. “Achievements” Getting 7 cities in 120 in two months as a newbie, before I got bored as I was in 53. Dm me on discord or on here Tag is Roastinator#9807