1. Spam attacks and inaction of the admins of the bassae world

    Hi everyone. I would like to share with you that the admins under the nicknames Mike and Hydna are inactive and do not take any measures against spam attacks. Despite numerous complaints from different players, even with the provision of a huge number of screenshots, they do not accept anything...
  2. Shuri2060

    Proposal Anti-Spam improvements to the game

    Proposal: I propose the following measures to deal with spam - 1. Change minimum attack percentage (currently 3%), either: a) Increase, eg. 10%, or even 20%. b) Formula, eg. 300/sqrt[used_pop]% (anything over 100% becomes 100%). (Another way to look at this example formula is minimum attack...
  3. Shuri2060

    New Rules on spam???

    Edit: Idea pushed -------------------------------------------------------- What follows is a giant wall of text I didn't intend on making, but this is what happens when I seriously consider topics like this... (a reason I haven't...