1. Yossarian234

    Top 12 by Papa Yoss - trusted and loved

    Who would say I'd be doing top 12 for a conquest world, right? Well you're lucky cause this big boi is back at his keyboard that's full of breadcrumbs from his sandwiches filled with 20% salami, 20% cheese and 80% mayonnaise. No vegetables or tomato, f*ck all that healthy sh*t. Anyway here are...
  2. Yossarian234

    #1 Yossarian's Top 12: Out of BP, reacting to en123 (GONE WRONG)

    20.2.2020. lol #1 Top 12 Hey grepo addicts, it's me, ya boi, Yoss. So finally en123 got out of BP and battle points started raining. Let's see how are our top 12 alliances holding and who will survive first month. First of all I'd like to thank my sponsor Raid shadow legends for making this...