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Name : ?
Past Experience: ? (Community Status)
Points: ?
Alliance: ?
ABP: ?
DBP: ?

Total: ?/60



Name: 0/10 Just don't like it. Sorry.
Past Experience: can't find you on grepointel so idk. 5/10 I'll have to say.
Points: meh. More than me but not amazing 6/10
Alliance: 0/10 2 players. Seriously.
ABP: 7/10 good for your points.
DBP: 9/10 really good.


Sir Henriksen


Name: 5/10 ok i guess
Past Experience: I have seen you around 5/10
Points: Late starter or restart? 2/10
Alliance: 5/10 Average
ABP: 2/10 Better than your points but...
DBP: 2/10 Not much to say here...


My in game name:Lonestar75

xAlpha Male

@lonestar75 aka sir henriksen

Name: 6/10 decent
Past Experience: dont know so cant say 5/10
Points: nothing special i guess 3/10
Alliance: small group of experienced players it seems 6/10
ABP: 8/10 really nice
DBP: 2/10 noone attacked you yet so hard to say here

Total:30/60 pretty decent :)

Tea city

He is the founder of Legion of Death in Knossos if I remember correctly;)


OOPS! Having to re-do this. Please be patient!
I did this on Lonestar. So, now that I've corrected it, please see below.
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because the player above me doesnt exist ingame a didnt write his real nick then I will juts ignore it

xAlpha male

Name : 0/10 (nickname by 10 year old)
Past Experience: 10/10 best player on few CZ worlds, he always try his best
Points: 9/10 (could be better!)
Alliance: 10/10 not a MRA ali
ABP: 10/10 what else to say #1
DBP: 0/10 2 less points than me so sorry, u are useless
Total: 39/60


Ok. XAlphaMale:
Name: 8/10 Fitting it would seem, and I love the pic on the profile! Hilarious!
Past Experience: 10/10 Given current ratings, it's obvious that past experience resides here.
Points: 9/10 Ranked 7 presently with 6 cities (none of which are below 3,000) average points come in at 4673 with overall at 28,040
Alliance: 9/10 "Afterlife" ranked 6 with 320,931 overall points and 48 members strong
ABP: 10/10 Ranked 1 with 19,175 points
DBP: 7/10 Ranked 29 with 2,277 points
Total: 55/60 (Technically 53/60, but this is sure to change.)
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DBP is defensive battle points! he isnt ranked 1. And you are too late again. U dont even exist ingame, why do u post then


Lyve!!! Really? I "don't exist"? Now, admittedly, you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find me, but I am there...somewhere. LOL
Gr8ful74 is my player name, Lyve. I know, I know. I was new to the game and just popped it in there not knowing one could not change the "Player Name" once they got in. So, I'm fully expecting a 0/10 on that if I ever get "found" that is. *grin*


Yeah, I know. I corrected that (see above) along with a few other things.
Player Name: Gr8ful74, City: (just one) Serene
Otherwise, if you say this due to my low scoring, my only response would be to say we must all start somewhere (especially when we are new to the game). You know?


Idk I tried finding your name ingame but couldnt find it. It works now somehow. Thats what I ment


Name : Lyve gets 6/10 (No reason apparently)
Past Experience: 8/10
Points: 8/10
Alliance: 7/10
ABP: 8/10
DBP: 9/10

Total: 46/60

Sir Henriksen


Name: 5/10 nothing special
Past Experience: 3/10 noe idea
Points: 6/10
Alliance: 7/10 Doing fairly good in a difficult ocean
ABP: 6/10 Better ranked than point, works for me
DBP: 7/10

Total: 34/60[/QUOTE]

Above average:)

In game:Lonestar75
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Wow! Ok. I've gone from "doesn't exist" to "not worth mentioning" I guess! ROFL!!!

***slinks off to go pout...


Post #7: I mistakenly did that on LoneStar75. Why? On post #4 I thought the person was giving their in-game name, etc. and were giving an evaluation on one above. (I haven't been around long and don't know all these nick/player names.) So, I corrected that, and did mine on xAlpha Male (which is who I should have done that on in the first place). This came in at #9. (I “reserved” #7 so as to eliminate any confusion as to why I was doing xAlphaMale.)

In post #13, Lyve stated that they'd not found me when they entered my info in-game before (in explanation for posts #8 & 10). I accept that. As many corrections as I've had to make just in making posts, I understand. (I have no room to judge or talk.) It happens.

So, all I'm saying is, I posted, because I want to participate/take part. It'd be nice to be included, but I still enjoy this section, because I can learn some things from/in it.