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I was bored so thought I would do this for a bit of fun. Don't take offence guys - just fun, nothing personal.

It is a review of the leading player in each of the top 8 alliances.

Player: xAlpha Male
Alliance: No Brakes
Position: 2
ABP Position: 1
DBP Position: 1
Fighter Position: 1
Other Interest: Dodo hunting
Claim to Fame: Once ripped a Chuck Norris poster. Chuck went into hiding and hasn’t been seen since.
Summary: Top in attack and defence. Stats speak for themselves. If you get on the wrong side of this guy you are in for a world of carp. Men tremble at his feet while the ladies fall. Top player in a top alliance who plays without fear. I don’t know the guy personally but clearly a team player judging from all the BP therefore a ‘good egg’ in my books.

Player: herefordgrl
Alliance: Killer Bees
Position: 3
ABP Position: 3
DBP Position: 55
Fighter Position: 8
Other Interest: WWE fan - still in love with Bret the Hitman Hart (aren't we all?)
Claim to Fame: Completed the chicken, fox and seed puzzle in 2 minutes. Eat them all and swim across she said!
Summary: The lovely Beth. Like Eric and Dim she seems to be like marmite on the externals however before you judge at least speak with her. Not a bad lass at all. Smashing the ABP and again in a top alliance which does seem to be untested in defence yet (judging by personal and alliance DBP). However in attack she is Ruthieless (see what I did there) - beware of her sting people because this bee don’t die.

Player: LadyAredhel
Alliance: The Musketeers
Position: 1
ABP Position: 8
DBP Position: 4
Fighter Position: 4
Other Interest: xAlphaMale
Claim to Fame: Came 1st place in the same competition as Kurbads.
Summary: You don’t get to number 1 without there being something about you. Needs to ignore the love feud with xAlphaMale and go after some of the up and coming males out there lol. Not sure how the battle with No Brakes has gone for Lady but she is a key player in the Musket line up. You do wonder how the alliance would fare without her. If Muskets can withstand what looks to be an onslaught recently I am sure we will see Lady in the top 10 come the end of this world.

Player: ScreechOwl
Alliance: No Speed Limit
Position: 14
ABP Position: 17
DBP Position: 18
Fighter Position: 13
Other Interest: Enjoys chasing butterflies in South Wales (taking time out to break his World Record)
Claim to Fame: World Record Holder. Most lambs touched in 3 minutes!
Summary: Check this guy out. This is what I like to see – consistency in terms of ranking positions. This player has it all – will fight for you and send the last swordsmen to your aid. Known from another world and continues that reputation. Puppets to No Brakes? I think not – looking at this alliance they could hold their own in any server with the best of them. A great player in a great alliance who together with No Brakes will be very tough to take on.

Player: MartinusV
Alliance: Written In Blood
Position: 66
ABP Position: 77
DBP Position: 93
Fighter Position: 72
Other Interest: Tickling Cuban cats
Claim to Fame: Voted Grepo ‘rear of the year’ twice. The only other backside that came close was Queen Viv as we all watched her run from Abdera.
Summary: Still the best looking guy on Grepo voted by the one and only Ruthie (you know it Jim hehe). What can I say about myself lol? Team player and fun is all I am interested in and a big war with anybody. Win or lose it makes no difference as long as you put up a good fight. Steadily climbing the ranks - the grey man so to speak. Top alliance who joined a little later than those above and ABP looking good. Still to be severely tested in defence however if EPI and The Vanguard can work better together that will be interesting.

Player: mountainman282
Alliance: Black Ships
Position: 68
ABP Position: 149
DBP Position: 1085
Fighter Position: 262
Other Interest: The only legit Wheres Wally impersonator. You can often see him in - wait can you????
Claim to Fame: Move over Dr Dolittle. His relationship with animals is so deep that he can get directions from a Starfish!
Summary: I don’t know the player or the alliance. They seem to have come from nowhere and taking their ocean by storm. Whoever they are fighting I need to get in on the action as there seems to be no retaliation. Alliance is 6th but let’s see how they come up against an alliance that will test them. Unfortunately I cannot give this player too many comments as I feel there is still much to be proven. I’m looking forward to seeing this player in action though and also what impact the alliance will have on the world. Good luck.

Player: Lonestar75
Alliance: Epidemic
Position: 19
ABP Position: 9
DBP Position: 7
Fighter Position: 6
Other Interest: Loves boy bands. Westlife, Boyzone, 1D. This guy has all the classics.
Claim to Fame: All the kids want this guy at a party. He can blow up balloons with his ears and still log on to snipe a cs.
Summary: Biggest threat in 45 and a quality player. With a few other key players in EPI they have cemented their place in the ocean and smart diplomacy has seen them grow stronger. Although the tally is in Bloods favour the tide is almost, almost turning which is largely down to this guy. Can they rally enough aggressive players to take the Bloods on and win? It seems unlikely however for Bloods to win it would inevitably be a long drawn out war. For a swift victory for Bloods or indeed the tide to truly turn I feel some other factor needs to come into play here. Respect goes out to Lonestar and all the top players there.

Player: Kurbads.
Alliance: Lonely Wolves
Position: 8
ABP Position: 12
DBP Position: 69
Fighter Position: 17
Other Interest: Wiggles and Giggles to Little Mix tunes.
Claim to Fame: Came second in a competition to pull a truck with his nose hairs. His weakness was he had no courage which probably explains why he seems to leave worlds in a hurry.
Summary: Love the guy. Doesn’t mind a bit of banter during the game and a pleasure to play with or against. This is what the game is about. Too often I see bad words being spoke of on here and I have seen bad words on externals about this guy. Trust me he plays for the team and if provoked he will unleash hell on you. Fantastic ABP considering the alliance position – this guy seems to be fighting it alone lol. Let’s see what the future holds for this alliance as I feel he would need several other players to step it up if he is to survive.


Don't know who to do next, can't find Tea City in Golgi.

EDIT: How very stupid of me, I'm just starting to get to know my fellow players.

Name : Hell House, kinda awesome name tbh. (8/10)
Past Experience: Seems to be a well known player around these parts, I'm just getting to know her. (5.5/10)
Points: Good points, good size. steady growth throughout the duration in this world and that's almost always a good indicator. (6.5/10)
Alliance: Frikin awesome alliance right there, doing great in it's wars against some of the best and as an acadey to the #1 alliance in the world, #4 is a very nice size. (8/10)
ABP: Less than one might hope for, but not bad at all. Shows activity in offensive aspects. (6/10)
DBP: Good for the amount of cities. (7/10)

Total: 41/60
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Name : Manchester, really?. (4/10)
Past Experience: Don't really know him/her. (4/10)
Points: Good points, good size. Relatively fast growth. 7 cities in 3 weeks is not bad. (7/10)
Alliance: Good alliance. (8/10)
ABP: Very, very good for a player of that size. Ranked 337 currently. (9/10)
DBP: Good for the amount of cities. Ranked 451 currently. (8/10)

Total: 40/60




Points: 1/10.... NOT EVEN GOING HERE....
Alliance: 1/10.... NO BRAKES PUNCHING BAG......
DBP: -1/10.... CANT EVEN GIVE HIM A 0.....

Total: HORRIBLE/60

Tea city

Name- 9/10
Past experience- 9/10
Points- 9/10
Alliance- 9/10
Abp- 10/10
Dbp - 10/10
Total- 56/60